Paychex Embraces Iris Scanning In New Time Clock Solution

HR management solutions provider Paychex has taken a deep dive into biometric technology.Paychex Embraces Iris Scanning In New Time Clock Solution The company has announced that its new InVision time tracking solution is based on iris recognition, enabling fast and accurate time and attendance tracking.

It’s represents a big leap forward since the company took a its first tentative step toward biometric time tracking when it enabled compatibility with third party biometric time clocks for its Paychex Flex solution back in 2015. The solution can support up to 50,000 employees per deployment, and is able to operate whether it’s online or offline, helping to ensure that employees can accurately be tracked even if networks are down. And it offers the great benefits of biometric time tracking — robust reliability and ease of use, particularly since iris scanning is contactless.

In a statement announcing the InVision solution, Paychex Corporate Strategy and Product Management VP Tom Hammond emphasized the capability of biometric time clocks to eliminate ‘buddy punching’, and also emphasized the solution’s speed and convenience, asserting, “employees are able to punch in in two seconds and quickly get started on the work that will actually impact the business.”

The company unveiled its new biometric solution at this week’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas, where it has been demoing the technology from its booth.

October 12, 2017 – by Alex Perala