Parascript and Precodata Offer Signature Verification to Banks in South America

Parascript and Precodata Offer Signature Verification to Banks in South America

Parascript’s anti-fraud technology will now be available to South American banks thanks to a new partnership with Precodata, a company that provides printing and software solutions for financial organizations across the continent. The new deal specifically concerns Parascript’s SignatureXpert and CheckPlus International solutions, both of which will be offered to Precodata customers through the new arrangement.

SignatureXpert is a signature authentication platform that can identify forged signatures on checks and other banking documents, while CheckPlus is a check recognition platform that automates the checking process. Together, they will help financial institutions streamline their operations and handle a greater number of documents without compromising their security.  

“We are looking forward to leveraging SignatureXpert and the suite of check processing solutions to enhance automation and fraud prevention for our customers,” said Precodata Executive Director Hugo Altamirano. “With Parascript, we’ve taken signature verification and check processing to the next level in terms of accuracy and reliability.”

Parascript is the latest financial security provider to expand into South America, where biometrics specialists like FacePhi, Ipsidy, and IDEMIA have solidified their foothold in the past few months. The news also comes shortly after a Juniper Research report that suggested that providers of financial services should be looking to expand their presence on the continent in anticipation of a booming mobile financial market.

October 22, 2019 – by Eric Weiss