Pacific Palisades Private Club Embraces IMID Access Control

FST Biometrics‘ In Motion Identification (IMID) access control system has been deployed at Bel-Air Bay Club, a private beach club in California’s Pacific Palisades neighborhood.

Pacific Palisades Private Club Embraces IMID Access ControlThe IMID system—which automatically identifies individuals based on an innovative combination of facial recognition and behavioral biometrics, including gait recognition—has been integrated with the Bel-Air Bay Club’s own membership management system, allowing front desk staff to immediately identify and greet club members. In a statement announcing the deployment, Bel-Air Bay Club General Manager Bill Howard emphasized its importance in customer service, noting that “a smooth entry process sets the tone for the rest of the club” and allows for “higher quality interactions” between staff and club members.

It’s the latest in what has been a highly varied history of deployments for Israel-based FST Biometrics. IMID has been implemented in the Netherlands’ ICER Innovation Center museum and the Israel Diamond Exchange; and has seen another social club implementation in Toronto’s Granite Club.

February 7, 2017 – by Alex Perala