OT-Morpho North America President Joins IBIA Board of Directors

OT-Morpho North America President Bob Eckel has joined the International Biometrics + Identity Association‘s Board of Directors.

OT-Morpho North America President Joins IBIA Board of DirectorsEckel brings with him the weight of one of the biggest companies in the digital security industry, with Safran Identity & Security having merged this year with Oberthur Technologies to form international giant OT-Morpho. As the company’s North American President, Eckel is the head of the company’s Secure Credentialing and Enrollment Services business.

In a statement announcing his appointment to the IBIA board, Eckel said the biometric identification industry “is at a pivotal moment”, adding, “I look forward to being part of shaping the future of this dynamic market.”

Indeed, one of IBIA’s key hobbyhorses has now reached a galloping pace as US border authorities and air travel interests ramp up their experimentation with biometric traveler screening. Meanwhile, exciting new markets are opening up for biometric technology, such as the emergence of biometric payment cards, a trend in which Eckel’s company is at the forefront.

July 25, 2017 – by Alex Perala