Optimal IdM Embraces Behavioral Biometrics

Florida-based identity and access management solutions provider Optimal IdM has established a partnership with TypingDNA, a Romania-based behavioral biometrics specialist.Optimal IdM Embraces Behavioral Biometrics

As its name suggests, the latter offers technology designed to assess unique patterns in how end users type. The system can operate on both mobile and desktop devices, enabling security based on behavioral biometrics.

In a statement announcing the partnership, Optimal IdM framed TypingDNA’s solution as “a secondary form of login authentication for users who enter their email address and password.” The company specified that the TypingDNA system would be offered as part of its multi-factor authentication solution, and highlighted its cloud-based OptimalCloud Identity-as-a-Service solution and its on-premise Virtual Identity Server, both of which could presumably benefit from the inclusion of TypingDNA’s technology.

The partnership offers another example of the growing prominence of behavioral biometrics, which is increasingly recognized as a means of user authentication that can run passively, in the background, since it requires no particular action from the end user other than continued interaction with a given interface. And, as Optimal IdM and TypingDNA point out, behavioral profiles are highly resistant to replication and spoofing attempts.

July 25, 2018 – by Alex Perala