OnMed Provides Virtual Consultations with Launch of New Medical Stations

OnMed Provides Virtual Consultations with Launch of New Medical Stations

OnMed has officially launched its telemedicine station after six years of development. The OnMed Station is essentially a medical kiosk that is meant to be deployed in high traffic areas like universities, airports, hotels, and work campuses, standing as a self-contained unit where patients can receive a virtual consultation with a real-life physician.

The station comes equipped with a full suite of diagnostic tools, including doctor’s office standards like weight and blood pressure, as well as thermal imaging that can read body temperature and diagnose infections. Patients are biometrically identified using facial recognition, while ultraviolet sanitization keeps the environment sterile after every visit.

OnMed is hoping that the telemedicine stations will alleviate some of the pressure on the American medical system – and emergency rooms in particular – by giving people better access to non-emergency medical services.

“Our disruptive healthcare technology is turning telemedicine into something that can actually bridge the gaps in our current healthcare system and improve access, cost and quality of care,” said OnMed CEO and Founding Partner Austin White.

The OnMed Station will also cut down on trips to the pharmacy thanks to an automated vault stocked with hundreds of everyday medications. The results of a visit can be forwarded to the patient’s primary physician, ensuring consistent care across any number of locations.

March 12, 2019 – by Eric Weiss