OneVault Launches Telephonic ‘Proof-of-Life’ System

Voice BiometricsSouth African voice biometrics developer OneVault has launched a new product for identity verification, according to an IT-Online article. Called “Proof-of-Life”, it’s a telephonic system that uses voice authentication as a means of proving that a certain individual is alive.

This kind of ‘certificate of existence’ is a requirement that comes up once in a while with organizations such as government agencies or insurance firms. It’s can be an administrative nightmare given the paperwork that is usually involved, but with its “Proof-of-Life” system, OneVault aims to change that.

Voice biometric technology offers a means to solve the problem of onerousness while also providing a higher level of security. Moreover, it doesn’t require any special hardware; most citizens have access to phones, and as such most people will have access to this service, where it’s offered.

It’s partly for this reason that voice biometrics technology is really taking off, especially in the financial services sector. OneVault also had a recent success implementing its technology with the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank; while other companies like ATIO have been doing their part to make South Africa home to one of the most energetic voice biometrics markets in the world.

November 17, 2014 – by Alex Perala