Odyxa Crowdfunding Fingerprint USB Key

A new USB security key aims to bring biometric access control to website logins. Called OdyOne, the device is being developed by Odyxa, with a crowdfunding campaign underway.

Odyxa Crowdfunding Fingerprint USB Key

It’s essentially a portable, USB fingerprint reader with a 32GB hard drive. By integrating its biometric access control with the various passwords used to sign in to multiple websites, OdyOne acts as an extra security layer and a password manager; a user must undergo biometric authentication in order to access those sites through OdyOne’s specialized Internet browser. It can also encrypt and export files from its private drive.

It’s an innovative security solution, but it’s going to face some tough competition going forward. Major hardware makers are starting to integrate this kind of biometric authentication technology directly into their devices, as can be seen in Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 Type Cover and Apple’s apparent interest in bringing Touch ID to its laptops. With those kinds of options becoming increasingly available, it’s no guarantee that users will opt to use an extra hardware key requiring its own special Internet browser for access to their login passwords.

For now, though, OdyOne is a solid step toward biometric security for online access control, and Odyxa is keen to drum up enough excitement to raise €40k (about $44k USD) for its mass production and distribution.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)