OC Crime Lab Formally Launches MorphoBIS System

Two years after selecting itOC Crime Lab Formally Launches MorphoBIS System through a competitive bidding process, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Crime Laboratory has formally put the Morpho Biometric Identification Solution, or MorphoBIS, into use. MorphoBIS is the product of MorphoTrak, a US-based Morpho (Safran) subsidiary.

Of course, while the formal launch of technological operations has only just taken place, the system has in fact been in use for a little while now on a trial run basis. Its installation was completed last October, and since then it has been tested in real-world contexts; in a statement, Crime Lab Assistant Director Lisa Zinn asserted that it “has already shown significant increases in productivity and crime solving, with many recent successes.”

MorphoBIS is indeed a highly advanced biometric identification system. It’s capable of scanning not only fingerprints, but all friction ridge areas on the human hand, allowing for even small latent crime scene prints to be searched and matched against a relevant database. Moreover, its algorithms were ranked first in NIST testing of image-only latent searches.

Like other such offerings from MorphoTrak, the new system should continue to prove to be a valuable tool to police in their investigations going forward from its official launch in Orange County.

June 22, 2015 – by Alex Perala