NuData Celebrates Gartner Attention

NuData Security is celebrating some recent attention in industry publications, most notably from a recent Gartner report.

NuData Celebrates Gartner AttentionThe research note, entitled Technology Insight for Biometric Authentication, looks at the advantages of biometric technology for secure authentication. And as NuData points out in a new press release, the company is listed as a provider of multimodal biometric authentication, thanks to its NuDetect platform, which uses multiple analytics including behavioral biometrics in order to assess fraud threats online.

The company was also highlighted as a sample vendor in recent Hype Cycle reports from Gartner, and has been cited in multiple other Gartner research documents over the past year, not to mention having been named a Cool Vendor in Cloud Security Services in the spring of last year.

In a statement celebrating its profile-raising mentions from Gartner, NuData Security CEO Michel Giasson asserted that NuDetect “is trusted by some of the largest e-commerce and banking companies in the world” for digital security against fraud, and that the NuData team “appreciate being included in several reports” from Gartner.

August 30, 2016 – by Alex Perala