Nuance Tech Taps Into CES Buzz

There was a lot of buzz over exciting new technologies at last week’s CES 2017 event, and Nuance Communications was keen to make its voice heard as it showcased its voice-based interaction solutions.Nuance Tech Taps Into CES Buzz

The company used the event to highlight its Nuance Mix development platform, which has recently been leveraged in a range of partner platforms including Jelly OS, ROOBO, and Greenwave’s AXON Platform. Nuance also showcased its Dragon Drive in-car AI assistant platform, which was recently upgraded to enable multi-passenger identification and interaction using voice biometrics, along with other new features.

While the development platform could hold appeal to a range of developers, the upgraded Dragon Drive system tapped into a key theme of CES 2017, with numerous prominent automakers seeking to show off their smart car efforts. As such it may well have generated a little more buzz among CES attendees, even as various participating companies kept their eyes open for voice interaction solutions to adopt into their own efforts.

January 9, 2017 – by Alex Perala