Novetta Cites Expertise in AI, Biometrics, Digital Security in Q3 Contract Win Growth

Data analytics specialist Novetta brought in $284 million in contract awards in Q3 of this year, reflecting a 77 percent year-over-year increase, the company has announced.

Novetta Cites Expertise in AI, Biometrics, Digital Security in Q3 Contract Win GrowthIn a statement, the Virginia-based firm attributed its growth to “advancements in computer vision, identity management, biometrics, cyber security research, and significant progress in the realm of extensible AI systems deployed on specialized networks.” Pertinent to at least a couple of these areas, Novetta recently offered its expertise in assessing the facial recognition capability of Amazon Rekognition, finding it offered a 90 percent accuracy rate on smaller databases.

The company also pointed to a corporate culture of innovation in explicating its success, noting that its R&D budget helps to fund “an internal competition for solution development” called the 10^27 Innovation Challenge. “We have a long history of driving innovation through a talent-centric culture of IRAD and internal collaboration,” CEO Tiffany Gates commented.

In its statement the company also suggested that some of its most recent contract wins enabled it to solidify its presence in “data exploitation and cyber security research for the Defense and Intelligence Communities”; and indeed the appointment earlier this year of Novetta VP Michael Thieme to head the development of an ISO/IEC JTC1 anti-spoofing standard suggests Novetta already enjoyed a strong profile in this area.

October 5, 2017 – by Alex Perala