Novetta Weighs in on Amazon Rekognition’s Biometric Capabilities

Novetta is weighing in on the facial recognition capabilities of Amazon Rekognition.

Novetta Weighs on Amazon Rekognition's Biometric CapabilitiesUnveiled late last year, Amazon Rekognition is Amazon’s machine learning computer vision system, available through Amazon Web Services. Novetta, a government-focused consultancy and IT services firm that has also evaluated biometric technology from EyeLock, is now offering its assessment of Rekognition’s ability to identify faces.

The company says that using “relatively small databases,” Rekognition identified only about 90 percent of subjects, and asserted that the system “is calibrated to reduce false positive errors, even if this leads to relatively high false negative errors”, according to a statement. But Rekognition’s rate of enrollment errors was found to be “10x lower than those of other cloud-based face recognition tools”.

The evaluation arrives at a time when US government authorities are intensifying their explorations of biometric identification systems. Novetta says that thanks to its low cost and ease of deployment, Rekognition has already “gained significant traction in government and commercial applications.”

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)