News Roundup: Novelty, Integration, Innovation

Last week at FindBiometrics the news was international in scope, with top stories from India, China, Nigeria, Canada and the U.S. New integrations, new implementations and new inventions kept the biometrics conversation dynamic and exciting as we began Healthcare Month.

Novelty and Innovation

News Roundup: Novelty, Integration, InnovationBiometric facial recognition is finding its way into San Antonio animal shelters with new technology that can be used to identify lost dogs. It’s a novel concept that’s actually proving to be quite innovative, something that can also be said of Google’s big news from last week: that it has patented iris-scanning contact lens technology.

Speaking of innovation, we received update on the upcoming Windows 10 operating system, which will feature multimodal biometric support, and Fingerprint Cards let known its involvement in developing the fingerprint technology used in Android M. We took a look at how facial recognition is being explored in detecting pain, and in congratulatory news, Sonovation CTO Rainer Schmitt received an award from IEEE for pioneering ultrasound based fingerprint biometrics.

Dog Face Biometrics Market Continues Expansion

Facial Biometrics Could Help Doctors Manage Pain

Iris-Scanning Contact Lens Patented By Google

Windows 10 to Feature Advanced Biometric Interaction

FPC Helped Develop Android M’s Fingerprint System

Sonavation CTO Receives Industry Award

Payments and Banking

Credit CardsIn payments news, last week we reported on PayPal’s support of Touch ID for user authentication while Credence ID partnered with ADO Technologies to deploy new banking solutions in Panama and Columbia. In China, meanwhile, a university has developed what is being hailed as the world’s first biometric ATM.

Facial Recognition ATM to Debut in China

Credence ID Teams With Developer For Biometric Banking

PayPal Announces Touch ID Support

Biometrics International

public-domain-images-free-stock-photos-woman-earth-globe-white-short-outdoors-water-reflection-1000x666On an international scale last week, the industry was talking about border control and privacy. Canada is expanding its biometric screening processes, the American DHS is testing new border control tech, and MorphoTrust held an enrollment event at a golf championship.

Outside of background checks and border protection, national ID made headlines. In India, an Aadhaar hackathon will be taking advantage of Morpho (Safran) biometric technology. NEXT Biometrics announced the its intentions in targeting the Indian market through a new partnership with AqTronics and EyeVerify got a reseller to bring its Eyeprint ID tech to the Turkish market.

Canadian Gov’t Seeks to Expand Biometric Screening

Morpho Lends Tech to Aadhaar Hackathon

Credence ID to Authenticate Nigerian Students

Olcsan Scores EyeVerify Re-seller Rights

PreCheck Convenience Offers Relief from Frustrations of Golf

DHS Tests Biometric Border Screening

NEXT Biometrics Aims at India With AqTronics

Integrations Make it Happen

Multifactor BiometricsFinally, in integration news last week, Integrated Biometrics’ Columbo sensor was chosen for a new access control solution. BioSSL, in the meantime, announced that it is integrating Card_Labs’ Biometric Bank Card into its secure platform.

Biometric Card Complements Web Security Platform

Access Control Specialist Integrates Columbo Sensor


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June 8, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter