New Partnership Enables NoPassword Multi-Factor Capabilities for ForgeRock Customers

ForgeRock is bringing enhanced authentication capabilities to its identity security platform thanks to a new partnership with NoPassword.

New Partnership Enables NoPassword Multi-Factor Capabilities for ForgeRock CustomersThe latter’s authentication system leverages a range of factors to identify authorized users, including biometric identification based on facial, fingerprint, iris, and voice recognition, and additional factors retrieved from a user’s mobile device including geo-location. The capabilities should help to the ForgeRock Identity Platform, whose latest iteration sports a new security feature that dynamically selects different authentication mechanisms based on the context of a given login attempt.

In a statement announcing the partnership, NoPassword CTO emphasized the complementary nature of ForgeRock’s and his firm’s solutions, asserting “[t]he real winner of this partnership is our mutual customers who can now leverage both technologies.”

News of the partnership comes soon after ForgeRock announced its ForgeRock Trust Network, a partner program aimed at promoting a variety of third party security solutions to ForgeRock clients. Partners in the curated marketplace include some big names in authentication security including FaceTec, HYPR, and Nok Nok Labs.

December 11, 2017 – by Alex Perala