Nok Nok Labs Comments on FIDO’s Big W3C News

Nok Nok Labs Comments on FIDO’s Big W3C NewsToday in Tokyo, the FIDO Alliance made major industry news, partnering with W3C in an initiative to make its strong online authentication standards truly ubiquitous on the Web. This is a major milestone for the consortium, which was launched in 2013 on a mission to replace passwords with something better.

Ramesh Kesanupalli, FIDO visionary and founder of Nok Nok Labs, has released a comment to FindBiometrics on what is certainly a groundbreaking milestone for FIDO. Nok Nok Labs is a founding member of the FIDO Alliance, so Kesanupalli’s view on the matter is particularly valuable, since he has seen the consortium grow rapidly over the years from the ground floor.

Here is Nok Nok Labs founder Ramesh Kesanupalli’s unabridged statement:

Nok Nok Labs is very excited about the FIDO Alliance’s submission of FIDO 2.0 platform enablement components to the W3C.  This submission paves the way for web browser and operating system platforms to support essential components of the FIDO vision.

When we started this FIDO journey in 2012, we had a vision of simplifying authentication for the entire ecosystem with a standards-based approach to biometrics. The FIDO Alliance was launched in 2013 and subsequently ratified the FIDO UAF 1.0 specification in December 2014. FIDO UAF 1.0 protocol is now in deployment and enabled in hundreds of millions of devices, and with Nok Nok iOS SDK, hundreds of millions of iPhones with Touch ID can be FIDO-enabled. The FIDO Alliance announcement around submission to the W3C represents the next major milestone in the FIDO evolution as part of the natural progression of the specification towards standardization.

Nok Nok Labs intends to provide a bridge from the FIDO UAF 1.x protocol in production today to the upcoming FIDO 2.0 specification. The Nok Nok S3 Authentication Suite supports the FIDO UAF 1.x protocol and Nok Nok Labs will continue to provide forward compatibility to future FIDO protocols that will eventually emerge from the standards process. Organizations can deploy the Nok Nok S3 Authentication Suite today with the confidence that it will embrace future iterations of the FIDO protocol as they emerge over the coming years.

2015 has been quite a year for the FIDO Alliance, with major financial institutions joining its board, the launch of its government membership program and the announcement that it has certified 72 products. Recently its push to expand even saw it cooperating with allies in the industries is works within by launching its cooperation and liaison program.

November 20, 2015