NNL S3 Authentication Suite Supports Android Fingerprint Biometrics

Nok Nok Labs has upgraded its S3 Authentication Suite to enable support for Android fingerprint scanning.

Upgraded S3 Authentication Suite Enables Android Fingerprint Scanning

Android 6.0, or ‘Android Marshmallow’, is the first Android operating system to introduce native fingerprint scanning capabilities. NNL’s support of the feature complements its already existing support for Apple iOS’s Touch ID fingerprint scanning, allowing even more S3 Authentication Suite users to enable mobile fingerprint authentication.

That could ultimately bring biometric authentication to many more mobile users. NNL’s S3 Authentication Suite is designed to enable easy-to-implement, FIDO Certified biometric authentication for companies seeking a more efficient way of implementing such security than developing their own systems from the ground up. Upgraded last autumn, the platform was recently implemented by Japan’s major mobile network operator NTT DOCOMO to enable biometric authentication through its customer service channels.

In a statement announcing the upgrade, NNL explained that its aim has always been to push for “a world where any authentication modality could be used to deliver simple, secure authentication for any application,” adding, “Platform biometrics APIs, such as Android 6.0, are helping to rapidly transition that vision from dream into reality.”

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)