NHS Foundation Trust Orders Tactivo Readers

UK Healthcare Administrator Orders Tactivo Readers

(pictured: Tactivo for the iPhone 5S)

Precise Biometrics has received an order for its Tactivo readers from an English National Health Service (NHS) foundation trust, the company has announced. In a press release, Precise Biometrics said the readers “will be used for secure mobile access to healthcare systems”, and are going to be part of a larger “integrated solution” that is being provided by Isosec Ltd., a Precise Biometrics partner.

The company is being a bit tight-lipped about further details, such as whether this is a solution for physician or patient access to online healthcare systems, but the move into the UK healthcare market is clearly a positive step for all concerned. NHS foundation trusts are semi-private entities with influence over the administration of hospitals in the country, and a foundation trust that implements Tactivo readers to improve hospital services could have a ripple effect in the overall UK healthcare market. And that isn’t lost on Precise Biometrics; CEO Håkan Persson said that the order “shows that the market for secure mobile authentication solutions within UK healthcare is maturing,” adding, “This particular Trust is known for their progressive approach to adopting new IT-solutions and we know that other Trusts will be keeping a close eye on the development of this mobility project.”

Of course, Precise Biometrics isn’t new to the healthcare sector in general. Just last month, its Tactivo readers were approved for use with a major healthcare prescription system in Sweden. And as the healthcare sector’s hunger for cost-cutting new technologies continues to grow as stresses on healthcare systems around the world compound, Precise Biometrics could see many more orders like these going forward.