NEXT Scores Major Distributor in Asia

NEXT Nets Major Distributor in Asia

NEXT Biometrics has signed up another major distributor, the company has announced. WPG Korea has been welcomed to the fold as a distributor in Asia.

It’s a good catch. In a press release, NEXT Biometrics asserted that WPG Holdings, of which WPG Korea is a member, is “the world’s #1 semiconductor distributor and the largest electronics distributor in Asia.” Given the demand for fingerprint sensors in the Asian market, the new distribution agreement could have significant payoffs for the company.

Of course, most of that demand has stemmed from the smartphone sector, but the new distribution strategy with NEXT Biometrics is to aim at a newer burgeoning market: The Internet of Things. WPG Korea President CP Kwak asserted that “NEXT Biometrics has very advanced technology and will play a key role in IoT and security markets.”

The new partnership follows very quickly on NEXT Biometrics’ announcement earlier this week of a new distributor for the Indian market, and represents another important step forward as the company moves ahead with its business strategy promoting its new line of sensors.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)