NEXT Biometrics Receives 34,000-Sensor Order

NEXT Biometrics Receives 34,000-Sensor Order

NEXT Biometrics recently initiated a study at University Carlos III of Madrid linking fingerprint sensor size to accuracy.

NEXT Biometrics has received an order for 34,000 fingerprint sensors, the company has announced.

While it couldn’t disclose the name of the client, NEXT has indicated that it’s going to ship the order over June and July of this year. In a statement, NEXT CEO Tore Etholm-Idsøe suggested the order reaffirmed the company’s position as “the leader in low-cost fingerprint sensors that combine robust large sensor areas with the best price in the industry.”

The company has aimed to specialize in the low-cost end of the fingerprint sensor market and has been enjoying a certain amount of success from the boom in demand for such technology from the smartphone sector. It also recently debuted its own hardware with its Oyster USB fingerprint scanner, but it clearly remains very busy in its business-to-business dealings.

April 24, 2015 – by Alex Perala