NEXT Biometrics Teams with Another Aadhaar-Focused POS Specialist

NEXT Biometrics Teams with Another Aadhaar-Focused POS Specialist

Another partnership with a POS specialist is poised to extend NEXT Biometrics‘ presence in the Aadhaar market.

The company has teamed up with New Delhi-based MobiOcean, which will integrate NEXT Biometrics’ fingerprint sensor technology into a POS solution designed to facilitate Aadhaar Enabled Payment System applications for merchants and government authorities. Aadhaar is India’s wide-ranging biometric national ID program; MobiOcean’s POS solution is designed to leverage a consumer’s Aadhaar number and associated fingerprint data to conduct transactions with a simple fingerprint scan, though it also supports more standard payment methods like credit and debit cards.

In a statement announcing the collaboration, MobiOcean CEO Kamal Rana said that “[t]he Aadhaar program offers a vast array of possibilities,” adding, “Integrating leading technologies into our solutions is key for us to capture these growth opportunities.”

The partnership comes after NEXT Biometrics attained STQR certification for the use of its products in Aadhaar last spring. More recently, NEXT Biometrics also announced a similar partnership with another POS specialist, Telpo, with the China-based firm looking to take advantage of NEXT’s biometric technology in its effort to expand in India’s Aadhaar market.

“We are pleased to record an increasing number of partners for Aadhaar based solutions,” commented NEXT Biometrics CEO Ritu Favre.

February 13, 2019 – by Alex Perala