NexID Ships Upgraded Anti-Spoofing Tech

Demand For Biometric Identity Services Is Creating Jobs in IllinoisNexID Biometrics has announced that an upgraded version of its fake-finger-detection (FFD) solution has begun shipping. Version 2.0 of FFD brings the system’s accuracy range to 99.5 percent. Prior to this update, the anti-spoofing solution’s accuracy was 96.5 percent, making version 2.0 a notable improvement.

Speaking in a press release, NexID COO Mark Cornett explained the evolution of the company’s technology, asserting that its “ongoing research has yielded additional fingerprint-imaging features that are highly effective in differentiating images captured from authentic versus fake fingerprints,” adding that the company has essentially “expanded our portfolio of fingerprint-imaging features and that translates into higher accuracy.”

He said that NexID is “not aware of any software-based, fingerprint spoofing-mitigation technology today that’s more rigorous and effective than NexID’s latest software improvement.”

Now that version 2.0 is shipping, the company has stated its expectation is that it will appear “in both traditional scanners and mobile devices coming to market in the second half of this year.” As a more major players start offering mobile commerce and payment platforms, this kind of security could become all the more important.

March 24, 2015 – by Alex Perala