findBIOMETRICS Newsletter for Thursday, December 5th, 2013

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Interview with Michael DePasquale, CEO, BIO-key
altI think what you are going to see is continued enhancements in visibility about biometrics as more and more devices hit the market that have biometric capability. We will see the use of that biometric for not just point applications but consumers in particular are going to want to use biometric capabilities for access to many social media and banking and finance applications. They are going to want to eliminate their passwords, PINS, tokens and cards. Now it is interesting that the Gartner conference was held this week and Gartner made some very basic assumptions. One of the basic assumptions was that 30% of all enterprises, for both internal purposes as well as for consumer access, will be utilizing biometric authentication by the year 2015 up from 5% today. When you think about the number of devices that will be available with fingerprint capability, what it says is that about a third of the population in our country and around the globe are going to begin to utilize biometrics for access to all kinds of information including payments. So that is significant… Read More…

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World’s First Touch Sensor Optimized for Windows and Android, The Death of the Password and SEGA’s Biometrics of Choice – findBIOMETRICS Industry News Roundup: Nov 25-29

This week Fingerprint Cards AB continued on in its exceptional year willed with innovations, design wins and breaking its own financial records, this time introducing the FPC1020: the world’s first capacitive touch fingerprint sensor optimized for Android and Windows devices. The news was incredibly well received, causing FPC shares to shoot up 25 percent the next day.

Shortly after the announcement of its existence, the FPC1020 was shown to be included on a mobile authentication infrastructure created through collaboration with industry disruptor Nok Nok Labs. The joint solution is the first completed effort that Fingerprint Cards has completed in support of the FIDO Alliance.

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Suprema Awarded “Silver Tower,” Korea’s Highest Merit For Growing Companies

Yesterday it was announced that this year, the Korean national award “Order of Industrial Service Merit” will be going to Suprema. The honor is Korea’s highest medal that can be awarded to a growing company and represents excellence in contributing to local industry and economy.

A total of five companies were presented with the Order of Industrial Service Merit, but Suprema was distinguished even further with the “Silver Tower” which it refers to as the highest level of national recognition for growing companies.

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Aware, Inc. Sees Deployment in Saudi Arabia For Visa Issuance and Management

Biometrics software provider Aware, Inc. announced today that its COTS solutions are being deployed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The deployment of Aware’s biometric software solutions comes as a part of an update to the Kingdom’s visa issuance management process.

Having worked as the principal subcontractor for Fujitsu Arabia, Aware’s Biometric Services Platform (BioSP) and Universal Registration Client, as well as the COTS APIs related to said applications are now working to better the screening process for visitors to the country. BioSP aids in managing workflow and data exchange in the process, while URC handles the biometric  enrollment performed on the hundreds of workstations distributed in consulates across Saudi Arabia.

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