News Roundup:Innovation and the Multimodal Future

Last week at FindBiometrics, while we continued to talk Time & Attendance in the featured articles section, the conversation in the news was focused on fingerprint scanning, border control and the multimodal future of the industry.

Here are all the top stories you need to be prepared for what’s coming this week.

Fingerprint Sensors and Algorithms

Mobile BiometricsAccording to new research, 2014 was a landmark year for mobile fingerprint sensors, and judging by last week’s news that is no surprise, as we are continuing to be inundated with mobile fingerprint biometrics developments. Fingerprint technology was all over the news, with Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics announcing their tech’s presence on new handsets, NEXT Biometrics continuing to tout the Madrid Report concerning sensor size versus accuracy, and Touch ID functionality integrated into a banking app. FPC also received yet another major sensor order while Precise appointed an interim CFO. Meanwhile, SecuGen was celebrating its Hamster Pro 20 fingerprint reader, which received IP65 certification, exceeding the company’s expectations.

Here are the top fingerprint biometrics stories from the past week:

FPC Sensor On New Oppo Smartphone

2014 a “Watershed Year” for Mobile Fingerprint Sensors

Touch ID Chosen For Another Banking App

Interim CFO Appointed By Precise Biometrics

FPC Sensor Used on New Yulong Phone

NEXT Touts Madrid Report Results

Big New FPC Order Increases Revenue Projections

Rx Safes’ Grant-Writing Program Pays Off

SecuGen Fingerprint Reader Exceeds Expectations

Biometrics International

Government Adoption Named Key Driver in Latin American Biometrics MarketBiometric border security is on the rise around the world, but the demand for streamlined implementation of pre-screening procedures in the Untied States has sparked friction between the IBIA and the US Transportation Security Administration. In Australia, the embrace of biometric border control continued with the police taking steps to advance the nation’s use of facial recognition. Meanwhile, airports in Egypt and Israel implemented biometric security and the UN picked Accenture for a refugee tacking program.

EAB Organizes 2nd Biometrics Research Conference

Australian Police Take More Steps Toward Biometric Borders

Ben-Gurion Airport Expands Biometric Kiosks

IBIA Warns Against TSA PreCheck Changes

Cairo Int’l Airport Implements Biometric Screening

UN Agency Selects Accenture for Refugee Biometrics Project

Multimodal Future

Multifactor BiometricsThe industry dialogue has been shifting over the past year toward the view that the future of authentication will be multimodal. Different types of biometrics are best suited to specific situations, while the addition of a second or third biometric can address problems of irrefutably and bolster security. This week we saw a partnership between SpeechPro and Facebanx that will be combining face and voice biometrics, and we took a look at Mountain America Credit Union’s banking app that lets users choose between fingerprint or eye vein security.

The proliferation of different biometric solutions continued last week as well. We got our first look at brainwave authentication, HYPR announced future-proof biometric security for the Internet of Things and efforts to launch an iris scanning smartphone ramped up in Japan.

All of that and more painted a diverse biometric future. Here’s a look at the top stories featuring a variety of authentication modalities:

AnchorID and Partners Bringing Biometric BYOD

Introducing Brainwave Authentication

SpeechPro Tech to Boost Facebanx Multimodal Biometrics

Biometric IoT Security Platform Coming From HYPR

Credit Union App Lets Users Choose Biometrics

Iris-Scanning Smartphone About to Launch

Alipay’s Facial Recognition Developer Raises $47 Million


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May 25, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter