News Roundup: What’s Next For Voice and Speech Recognition?

Last week at FindBiometrics we featured an interview with Opus Research lead analyst and founder Dan Miller while voice and speech biometrics, forensics, payments tech, and more filled out the industry news headlines.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in global identity management:

What’s Next For Voice and Speech Recognition

News Roundup: What's Next For Voice and Speech Recognition?Opus Research is hosting the Intelligent Authentication Conference in San Francisco come this September, and last week we got an inside look at what the event has in store, with our conversation with Opus founder and lead analyst Dan Miller. Opus is a research firm that deals primarily with the voice and speech recognition market, which is expanding now with the advent of AI assistants and IoT products. This trend was apparent in the news last week with the results coming in from the Knurld hackathon, hosted by KnuVerse, and a report that Sensory’s Low Power Sound Detector tech—which allows for always-on speech recognition—is gaining traction.

INTERVIEW: Opus Research’s Dan Miller

Hackathon Honorees Demonstrate KnuVerse Voice Tech

Sensory’s LPSD Tech Gains Traction Among Chip Makers

Border Control

News Roundup: What's Next For Voice and Speech Recognition?TSA PreCheck had a prominent presence in the border control headlines last week, with new enrollment centers popping up across the United States to help combat airport security wait times. The TSA is determined in its goal to make the airport experience more efficient, partnering with United Airlines to further automate security procedures. Beyond the US, we also learned last week that the biometric screening program at Lisbon International Airport is expanding to include non-European travelers.

TSA Emphasizes Focus on ‘State-of-the-Art’ Tech in United Airlines Partnership

TSA PreCheck Enrollment is Coming to the DMV

Temporary PreCheck Enrollment Center to Enable 1,000 More Appointments

IdentoGO Temporary Enrollment Center Opens in Miami

Lisbon Airport Biometric Screening Program Expands to Non-Europeans

Civil and Voter ID

News Roundup: What's Next For Voice and Speech Recognition?Somewhat adjacent to the world of border control, we reported last week on Oberthur’s new 10-year contract with the Mali government to provide new electronic passports. Speaking of identity registration, Comelec is once again asking voting citizens in the Philippines to register biometrics in advance of an upcoming October election.

Oberthur Technologies Wins 10-Year Mali e-Passport Project

Comelec Pushes On With Biometric Registration Ahead Of New Round Of Elections

Smartphone Biometrics

News Roundup: What's Next For Voice and Speech Recognition?The Samsung Galaxy Note7 has long been rumored to sport an iris scanner, and last week new leaks helped paint a picture of the technology’s strengths and limitations—though the feature is still yet to be officially confirmed by Samsung. Acuity Market Intelligence released a new report reaffirming its previous forecast that by 2018 all smartphones will sport biometric technology. The firm’s predictions certainly seem feasible, considering that the biometric sensor integrations show no sign of slowing down. Last week alone we saw IDEX score a tier-one design win, ZTE launched a very affordable biometric handset, and we received confirmation that Precise Biometrics provided the fingerprint algorithm software for the 360 N4S.

Read the following articles to learn all about these recent mobile biometric developments and more:

Galaxy Note7 Iris Scanning Details Come Into Focus

All Smartphones Shipped In 2018 Will Feature Biometric Tech: Acuity

ZTE’s ZMax Pro Brings Fingerprint Biometric Smartphones Below $100

IDEX Scores Another Tier-One Design Win

New Peripheral Device Brings Powerful Biometric Scanning to the iPhone

New 360 Device Uses Precise Biometrics Algorithm Software

Paging Doctor Jain

News Roundup: What's Next For Voice and Speech Recognition?Michigan State University’s Dr. Anil Jain was making headlines last week, with police having reached out to him for help in unlocking a murder victim’s fingerprint protected smartphone. Dr. Jain’s lab is creating prosthetic fingerprints based on 2D images to help authorities spoof their way inside the phone by way of presentation attack. The collaboration with law enforcement comes on the heels of Dr. Jain’s speaking engagement at ZKTeco headquarters in Shenzhen.

Police Seek Biometrics Researcher’s Help To Unlock Murder Victim’s Phone

ZKAccess Aims at Collaboration with Biometrics Expert

Fingerprint Sensors

News Roundup: What's Next For Voice and Speech Recognition?NEXT Biometrics has partnered with TFT-LCD to aid in the production of its new flexible fingerprint sensors. Fingerprint Cards, meanwhile, released its Q2 2016 results, which made up the company’s strongest report to date.

Q2 Report Details FPC’s Continuing Ascent

TFT-LCD Panel Maker To Help NEXT With Flexible Sensor Production


News Roundup: What's Next For Voice and Speech Recognition?Last week we saw Apple Pay—the fingerprint secured mobile wallet—launch in Hong Kong. We also got an update on FingoPay, the finger vein payment platform being tested out by Sthaler. Meanwhile, we sawVisa Europe’s Jonathan Vaux weigh in on the importance of user experience in payments and how biometrics can help improve it.

Biometrics Can Have Big UX Impact in Payments: Visa Exec

FingoPay Links Payment Information Directly to Shoppers’ Fingers

Hong Kong Gets Apple Pay

Authentication Platforms

News Roundup: What's Next For Voice and Speech Recognition?

RunMyProcess has made a deal with ImageWare to offer the latter’s multimodal GoVerifyID through its cloud platform for enterprise apps. Meanwhile, ThreatMetrix launched an update to its digital security platform, enabling behavioral analytics for passive authentication.

GoVerifyID Comes to Enterprise Cloud Development Platform

ThreatMetrix Enhances Digital Security Platform

Past, Present, Future

News Roundup: What's Next For Voice and Speech Recognition?FST Biometrics reported that it has increased its customer base by about 30 percent over the past twelve months. Meanwhile, BioConnect CEO Rob Douglas had his gaze on the future, writing on his company’s blog that biometric authentication “is going to become the standard for all transactions whether physical or digital applications.”

BioConnect Founder Has Great Expectation For Biometrics Industry

FST Biometrics Reports 30 Percent Jump in Customer Base Over Past Year

Law Enforcement, Education, Healthcare

News Roundup: What's Next For Voice and Speech Recognition?Rounding out the biometrics industry news last week we saw activity in the education, law enforcement, and healthcare verticals. Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95 in Illinois is implementing biometric payment options for students in cafeterias, biometrics aided in the extradition of a Russian mobster to Canada, and PatientWorks Corporation received Imprivata Certification for its healthcare solutions.

Self-Serve Patient Check-In Platforms Get Imprivata Certification

Illinois School District Introducing Biometric Payments in Cafeterias

Biometrics Confirm Foreign Fugitive’s Identity for Extradition


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July 25, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter