News Roundup: A Multimodal Biometric Landscape

Last week at FindBiometrics, mobile iris biometrics took the spotlight with the launch of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone as fingerprints made major headlines too, while face, voice and behavioral biometrics rounded out the industry coverage. Here s a look back on a truly multimodal week in biometrics:


News Roundup: A Multimodal Biometric LandscapeOn Tuesday, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note7 smartphone, bringing iris scanning access control to mainstream mobile handsets. The launch of Qualcomm powered iris recognition on the Note7 is already having ramifications in the world of biometric FinTech, with the modality supported by Samsung Pay, and with two banks already making moves to integrate eye-scans into their mobile apps. And this is just the beginning according to Delta ID, which heralded the rise of iris recognition on smartphones, in banking, and IoT in a recent release.

Samsung Launches Galaxy Note7 Featuring Iris Scanner

Iris Scanning on Galaxy Note7 Enabled By Qualcomm Haven

South Korean Banks to Enable Iris Authentication Via Note7

Delta ID Heralds The Rise of Iris Scanning


News Roundup: A Multimodal Biometric Landscape

New Fingerprint Cards CEO Christian Fredrikson took the reins of his company last week as it announced multiple smartphones integrations for its fingerprint sensor technology. BIO-key, meanwhile, announced a new partnership with a powerful distributor, and we got a look at a new patent from Apple giving us a clearer picture of the long rumored display-embedded Touch ID. The fingerprint market shows no signs of slowing down, and Integrated Biometrics reported last week that it is seeing growing interest in its own biometric offerings.

Integrated Biometrics Reports Growing Interest in Biometric Tech

Huawei Honor 8 Launches as New FPC CEO Takes Reins

New CEO Takes Helm at FPC

BIO-key Partners With Major Distributor For Windows 10-Compatible Devices

Apple Patent Sheds More Light on Rumored Display Touch ID

Biometrics Registration and ID

News Roundup: A Multimodal Biometric LandscapeSaudi Arabian mobile customers who did not register their SIMs with biometrics had their service disconnected last week, while Malaysian officials were championing biometric registration as a key component for allowing dual citizenship between their country and Thailand. Stateside, IdentoGO started taking appointments for its soon-to-open temporary PreCheck enrollment centers in Houston and Minneapolis. Biometric technology is indeed changing the way governments and citizens interact, and the latest report from Acuity Market Intelligence sheds light on how this change will manifest in the markets.

SIMs Disconnected for Saudis Who Have Not Registered Biometrics

Malaysia to Thailand: Biometric Data Sharing Key to Dual Citizenship Efforts

Biometric Tech to See e-IDs Replaced by Mobile Virtual Credentials

IdentoGO Taking Appointments for Forthcoming PreCheck Enrollment Centers

Multimodal Software

News Roundup: A Multimodal Biometric LandscapeMultimodal biometric software company ImageWare Systems announced that it will be disclosing its Q2 2016 results this coming Tuesday. Daon, meanwhile, announced that it has been invited to showcase its multimodal IdentityX platform at FinovateFall 2016.

Daon to Showcase IdentityX at FinovateFall 2016

ImageWare to Issue Corporate Update Next Tuesday

Voice and Speech

News Roundup: A Multimodal Biometric LandscapeLast week we reported that Barclays is rolling out voiceprint recognition to all of its phone banking customers. Swisscom also announced that it is going to start authenticating call center customers via voice biometrics, and in a statement the telecom emphasized the convenience and security such a measure brings to customer service.

Barclays Bringing Voice Authentication to All Customers Calling In

Swisscom Emphasizes Security of Voice Recognition


News Roundup: A Multimodal Biometric LandscapeNEC Corporation is developing a facial recogntion system for police in South Aftrica, based on its NeoFace offering. Neurotechnology integrated its latest VeriLook facial recognition software into the SentiVeilence SDK, while Allevate’s MXSERVER became available to UK government agencies. Zipcar made face recognition headlines too, the car-sharing service announcing that customers can now sign up remotely simply by taking a selfie on their phones.

Big Data Facial Recognition Service Now Available to UK Gov’t

NEC Developing Facial Recognition System for South Australia Police

Selfie System Lets New Zipcar Users Sign Up Via Mobile

Neurotechnology Integrates Upgraded Facial Recognition Tech Into New SentiVeillance SDK


News Roundup: A Multimodal Biometric LandscapeFinally, in the world of behavioral biometrics, we saw the emergence of a new type of malware designed to thwart the passive human detection of modern security platforms. It is the latest entry in the long waging cyber security arms race, and brings with it questions of what’s next for passive biometrics, particularly in FinTech—a vertical where the behavior modality has proven quite popular.

Malware Designed to Mimic Behavioral Biometrics


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August 8, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter