News Roundup: Bringing Biometrics To Money20/20

Last week FindBiometrics brought biometrics to Money20/20 once again with a panel on the topic of strong authentication and identity management in finance. We brought Mobile Identity Month to a close last week too with a look at how mobile biometrics are being applied in vertical markets while the headlines covered everything from eye-based modalities on smartphones to border control news.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in global identity management


News Roundup: Bringing Biometrics To Money20/20For the second year in a row biometric tech was a huge topic at Money20/20 in Las Vegas, and FindBiometrics played an important role in bringing the booming technology to the forefront of discussion. FindBiometrics president Peter O’Neill hosted a panel last Monday that helped set the tone for the very biometrics focused FinTech conference. New product launches were abound, with facial recognition, behavioral analysis, voice and mobility all taking their share of the spotlight. The turnout was massive to the event and the biometrics panel, with Money20/20 yet again helping show how important strong authentication has become in the financial services industry.

Here are the top Money20/20 headlines from last week:

Biometrics Bigger Than Ever at Money20/20

Money20/20: Settling The Spoofing Score

Biometrics Are Everywhere At Money20/20: The FindBiometrics Panel

Money20/20: NuData Showcases Improved Behavioral Biometrics Platform

Money 20/20: Mitek Shows Off Photo Verify ID

Money20/20: Diebold Brings Iris Biometrics to ATM

Money20/20: VoiceVault & Enacomm Unveil Voice e-Signature

Mobile Identity Month

rp_62157982_thumbnail2-e1434567624147-300x176.jpgMobile Identity Month came to a close last week with our look at how mobility and biometrics converge outside of the consumer markets. We also ran an interview with Håkan Persson, CEO, Precise Biometrics, and reported on Crossmatch’s newest products: DigitalPersona Mobile ID and DigitalPersona Commander.

Mobile Identity Month: 3 Unique Vertical Applications

Interview with Håkan Persson, CEO, Precise Biometrics

IACP: Crossmatch Announces Android App, Device Management Platform



Fingerprint biometrics news spanned a wide range of topics last week, with Fingerprint Cards (FPC) and Precise Biometrics announcing their technologies on a new Huawei phone. NEXT Biometrics also made headlines with its new Spanish distributor and the news that its sensors will be included on 2016 products from Dell. InvenSense announced its ultrasonic fingerprint imaging solution for CMOS-MEMS and SecuGen announced its HamsterPro 20 now leverages SAP Systems’ bioLock capabilities.

Here’s how fingerprints factored into the news last week:

Huawei Chooses FPC Sensor For Honor 5X

Honor 5X Biometrics Powered by Precise

NEXT Biometrics Signs Spanish Distributor

2016 Dell Products to Feature NEXT Fingerprint Sensors

High Expectations for Next Thursday’s FPC Q3 Report

Hamster Pro 20 Leverages bioLock Capabilities of SAP Systems

InvenSense Announces Ultrasonic Fingerprint Imaging for CMOS-MEMS Platform


iris biometricsEyeprints were in the news last week with a new smartphone from UMI launching with the EyeVerify technology in tow. Meanwhile, RSA announced that it added Eyeprint ID security to its mobile SDK.

UMI Iron Pro Features Eyeprint ID

RSA Adds Eyeprint ID Security Layer to Mobile SDK


Mobile payments, online banking.In mCommerce news outside of Money20/20, last week we reported on Samsung Pay’s support from Verizon, the Google Play Store’s leveraging of fingerprint scans for transaction authentication and Radius Bank’s embrace of Apple Pay. Meanwhile, a new report surfaced predicting that biometric transactions will reach $5 billion by 2019.

Radius Bank Announces Apple Pay Support

Samsung Pay Now Available on Verizon

Fingerprint Authentication Introduced to Play Store

Biometric Transactions to Reach Five Billion by 2019: Report


Biometric Border ControlThe European Commission will now require all Indian visitors to register their fingerprint biometrics and Australia is mulling the implementation of cloud-based biometric passports. Here’s how the border control news went last week:

European Commission to Require Fingerprint Biometrics of Indian Visitors

Australia Considers Cloud-Based Passports


multimodal biometricsFinally, multimodal solutions were in the news last week too, with Daon launching an upgraded version of it’s Identity X platform, which readers will know as the solution behind USAA’s mobile biometric sign-on. FST Biometrics announced the latest in its access control solutions as well, with the launch of IMID Access 3.0.7. NEC Corporation made the news as well, with the announcement of its UC Summit 2015 plans, which include  showing off its multimodal Smart Enterprise concept.

Daon Launches Upgraded IdentityX Platform

FST Biometrics Launches Upgraded IMID Platform

NEC to Feature Prominently in UC Summit 2015


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November 2, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter