News Roundup: Mobility, Biometrics, Controversy

This week at FindBiometrics we continued Mobile Month with a look at five major applications of biometric technology in mobility. Meanwhile the industry news was filled with facial recognition, controversy, new releases and some exciting solutions we’ll be seeing very soon.

Here is how the past week shaped up in identity management:

Mobility Matters

IMG_3640-1300x866Mobile Month continued on this week as we looked at examples of biometrics in finance, law enforcement, disaster response and more. We also reported on newly published biometric patents from Apple, a British bank that’s considering the Nymi wristband for authenticating customers, and how one company is moving call center authentication from the server to the handset.

Mobile Month: 5 Unique Mobile Biometric Applications

Caller Authentication Moves To Handsets

Nymi Considered By British Bank

Apple Biometrics Patents Published

The Face of Authentication

Facial RecognitionIn the same way that last week was focused on iris recognition, this week’s modality of interest was face. We learned that Alipay will be using facial recognition as a payment authentication method, an announcement that has drawn skepticism from critics who think the technology has a long way to go before it’s secure enough for such a responsibility on its own. Meanwhile, FaceFirst received a major public transit deployment in Colombia and Cognitec Systems revealed its new facial recognition camera.

Here is all the most important facial recognition news of the past week:

Google FaceNet Boasts Perfect Matching

Alipay to Use Facial Recognition Biometrics

Skepticism About Alipay Facial Recognition Rises

FaceFirst Biometrics Deployed in Colombia

Cognitec Unveils Real Time Face Detection Camera


Biometrics, Law Enforcement, Mug Shot, PrivacyAs biometric technology becomes increasingly prolific it is encountering the occasional spot of friction. This week said friction came in the form of a biometrics ban in Texas concerning drivers license applications, Canadian public workers unions fighting against biometric background checks, and concerns in Australia as the possibility of expanding the fingerprinting powers of police had privacy advocates raising their eyebrows. Back in the United States, the Department of Homeland Security published a report finding flaws in how the Coast Guard has been managing its biometric records.

Below you will find the more controversial news items of the past five days.

Texas Bans Fingerprint Biometrics for Drivers Licenses

Australia May Expand Police Fingerprinting Powers

Canadian Public Servants Fight Biometric Checks

DHS Finds Fault in Coast Guard’s Biometric Records Management

Matching Platforms

Multifactor BiometricsThis week Aware, Inc. announced Astra, a new cluster computing platform is designed to perform identity-related security tasks on a highly scalable basis; Acer announced that its Bring Your Own Cloud platform will feature fingerprint biometrics from EgisTec; and ImageWare partnered with Extenua to develop a new cloud storage system for enterprise applications.

Microsoft also made the news this week with the announcement that Windows 10 will feature a built-in multimodal biometric system.

Acer Cloud Platform To Feature Biometrics

Aware Launches New Identity Platform

Windows 10 Features Built-In Biometrics System

Secure Enterprise Cloud Storage Coming From ImageWare

Around the World

global biometrics marketThe biometrics industry news spanned the globe this week, with Colombian notaries embracing biometric authentication and DERMALOG showcasing its biometric tech at CeBIT in Germany. Biometrics will be offered in Middle Eastern markets thanks to two partnerships we reported on this week, and Fingerprint Cards received a major biometric sensor order from a customer in China.

Here is a global perspective on the biometrics news of the week:

Fulcrum to Distribute SBS Fingerprint Tech

Pre-Clearance Program May Come to Canada-US Borders

Logistics Firm Marketing ImageWare Tech in Middle East

Colombian Notaries Sign On To Biometrics

DERMALOG Showcases Biometric Tech at CeBIT

FPC Receives Major Biometric Sensor Order


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March 20, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter