News Roundup: Mobile Biometrics in Barcelona

Last week marked Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where FindBiometrics and Mobile ID World brought you live coverage form the major mobile industry event. MWC is massive, and since last year when we first reported from the show, biometrics technology has taken Mobile World Congress by storm. Last week wasn’t only about Barcelona, however, and we saw our industry news carry headlines dealing with other upcoming conferences, new and important industry partnerships, and multimodal biometric solutions.

Here’s a look back on what has so far been the year’s biggest week in biometrics:

Biometric FinTech at MWC

News Roundup: Mobile Biometrics in BarcelonaOne of the biggest indications of how huge biometric tech has become in the mobile sphere is how strong authentication technology is being embraced by the world’s largest payment networks. At MWC last week we saw both Visa and MasterCard showing off their biometric innovations. Visa went on the record in terms of how it sees its role in the biometric market landscape as it embarked on a partnership with Morpho (Safran). In the meantime, MasterCard was showing off its Identity Check biometric payment verification solution, which we got so see in action on the showroom floor.

Here’s a look at what we saw in FinTech and biometrics at MWC 2016:

MWC 2016: A Personal Tour of MasterCard’s Biometrics

MasterCard’s Selfie Based Authentication To Launch in Summer

MWC 2016: Visa Weighs in on Biometrics

Visa and Morpho Partner to Develop Biometric Payment Concepts

Mobile Biometrics in Barcelona

News Roundup: Mobile Biometrics in BarcelonaIf there was any remaining doubt that biometrics on smartphones and other mobile devices have become mainstream it should have been dispelled by last week’s MWC showing. The Huawei MateBook was launched with a Fingerprint Cards (FPC) sensor, Fujitsu unvieled a vein-scanning two-in-one device, and Sony introduced the world to some very exciting proof of concept biometric wearables.

Microsoft is doing its fair share in bringing biometric to consumers too, thanks to its Windows 10  security platform, Windows Hello. BIO-key was at MWC showing off its Windows 10 and Android compatible SideTouch sensor that’s available for an incredibly accessible price point. NEXT Biometrics was demonstrating Windows 10 tech too, with a new turnkey solution that combines its latest sensor module and technology from Arrow Electronics aimed at IoT security.

As if that wasn’t enough, the conference saw a major partnership between FPC, Precise Biometrics, Gemalto, and STMicroelectronics that had thme showing off an end-to-end security architecture for fingerprint authentication based on FIDO specifications.

Here is just some of the biometrics news from Mobile World Congress last week. For more, head over to our sister site Mobile ID World.

IriTech, Heptagon Announce Mobile Iris Scanning Solution

MWC 2016: Huawei MateBook Uses FPC Sensor

MWC 2016: Sony’s Xperia Peripherals Feature Speech, Face Biometrics

Gemalto, FPC, Precise Biometrics, STMicroelectronics Offer End-to-End Authentication Solution

SideTouch USB Sensor Solution Compatible With Windows, Android

New NEXT Sensor Module Features Embedded Processor

Fujitsu Announces Palm Vein Scanning Tablet

NEXT Biometrics, Arrow Electronics Offer Authentication Solution for Windows 10 IoT Devices

Even More Conference News

News Roundup: Mobile Biometrics in BarcelonaFebruary and March are filled with conferences, and while the big news was coming out of MWC last week we also started to prepare for RSA, HIMSS, and The Montgomery Summit. SecuGen will be at RSA 2016 (which kicks off today) demonstrating its newly announced combination smart card/fingerprint reader, as well as other solutions in its Unity BDP line. SecureAuth will be at RSA too, showing off its latest behavioral biometrics solution.

HIMSS16 starts today too, and Imprivata will be there showcasing its secure healthcare technologies. Looking ahead to next week’s Montgomery Summit, Credence ID CEO Bruce Hansen will be speaking at the Santa Monica gathering, promoting biometrics to an audience of potential investors.

Credence ID CEO To Speak At The Montgomery Summit

Imprivata to Showcase Tech at HIMSS16

RSA: SecuGen Announces Combination Smart Card / Fingerprint Reader

RSA: SecureAuth IdP v9.0 Introduces Behavioral Biometrics

Mobile Devices and Authentication Tech

News Roundup: Mobile Biometrics in BarcelonaWhile Fingerprint Cards was in Barcelona, it also had its usual smartphone integrations making news. Two new Xaiomi devices sport the company’s tech as does the recently launched KG G5 handset. Take a look at the latest fingerprint sensor smartphones:

Xiaomi’s new Mi 4S Smartphone Features FPC Tech

Xiaomi’s Mi5 Smartphone Sports FPC Sensor

LG’s G5 Smartphone Features FPC Sensor

Face and Football

News Roundup: Mobile Biometrics in BarcelonaThe Scottish government caused a bit of a stir last week, stating that it will not be funding the previously announced initiative by the Scottish Professional Football League to install facial recognition security at soccer stadiums.

Scottish Gov’t Won’t Fund Facial Recognition Plan for Soccer Stadiums

Hacker Protection

News Roundup: Mobile Biometrics in Barcelona

Full system integrity has become a strong focus in biometrics as the industry aims to address spoofing concerns. Last week we saw Vkansee at MWC demonstrating the need for powerful imaging tech in fingerprint sensors, thwarting Touch ID sensors on the exhibition room floor with presentation attacks. Meanwhile, Encap Security updated its flagship Smarter Authentication platform which is now better equipped to protect against man in the middle (MITM) hack attacks.

Vkansee Shows MWC Attendees How to Spoof an iPhone

Upgraded Smarter Authentication Platform Offers Stronger MITM Protection

Apple Pay

News Roundup: Mobile Biometrics in BarcelonaApple Pay was also in the news last week, having finally launched in China. In the UK the mPayment solution stands to make iPhone user’s happy too, as it’s on the verge of a second go around of its free London transit promotion that rewards commuters for paying with biometrics by offering them free rides.

Free TfL Rides for Apple Pay Commuters

Apple Pay Finally Launches in China

Who You Know

News Roundup: Mobile Biometrics in Barcelona

Last week Entertech Systems joined BioTalent Canada and gained access to a network of the country’s best young minds in biometrics. Aetna joined the FIDO Alliance board of directors, bringing healthcare expertise to the consortium, while Zwipe and FPC entered into a smart card -centric licensing agreement. Precise Biometrics was in the news too thanks to as a new licensing agreement with Beijing based sensor maker Chipone, and also because of its long standing relationship with the US Department of Defense which yielded another Tactivo order.

Here’s how partner connections, new and old, made the news last week:

Entertech Gains Access to Top Talent in Canadian Biotech

Zwipe and FPC Enter into Strategic Partnership

Prominent US Health Services Firm Aetna Joins FIDO Alliance

Precise Biometrics Licenses Tech to Chipone

DoD Orders More Tactivo Readers


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February 29, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter