News Roundup: The Gender of Fingerprints

Last week at FindBiometrics we brought Financial Biometrics Month to a close with a roundup of all the featured articles, event coverage and industry news dealing with commerce from November. We also saw a great deal of fingerprint news, government announcements, and even novel innovation in the discovery that latent fingerprints can be used to determine gender.

Here is a look back on the top news stories for the last week of November:

Financial Biometrics Month

New Roundup: The Gender of FingerprintsNovember has been Financial Biometrics Month here at FindBiometrics and on Thursday we brought the festivities to a close with a roundup. The week also had its share of new commerce related headlines, with Deutsche Bank trialing multimodal authentication, and developments on both sides of the competition between Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Financial Biometrics Month: The Roundup

Deutsche Bank Trials Multimodal Mobile System

Samsung Pay Scores Eight More Payment Card Issuers

Rumors Of China Apple Pay Launch Surface


PrintAs mentioned above, we learned last week of the discovery that a simple chemical analysis can be used to determine the gender of a person based on just a latent fingerprint. Meanwhile, in the realm of vital and mobile biometrics, Valencell received approval for 12 new patents last week.

Chemical Analysis of Latent Fingerprints Can Detect Gender

Valencell Receives Approval for 12 New Patents

Face and Voice

face and voiceFace and voice recognition pair incredibly well when it comes to multifactor authentication, and last week SK announced that it has selected the modalities for its Who Are You mobile biometric system. In completely face-centric news last week, we reported on a new acquisition by Apple—the Cupertino company has purchased the company behind the facial recognition used in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

SK Announces Voice and Face Multi-Factor

Apple Buys Star Wars Grade Facial Recognition


Fingerprint magnifying glassFingerprints were all over the news once again last week, with Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics each announcing their inclusion on new mobile handsets. NEXT Biometrics in the meantime issued its Q3 2015 financial results and we posted about Pepsi’s entry into the fingerprint sensor smartphone market. Rounding out the fingerprint news we saw a market report focused on the capacitive sensor market and how smartphones factor into its growth.

NEXT Poised To Capitalize on Trends

New Xiaomi Smartphone Helps Bring FPC Sensors to Budget Market

XiaoGu Pro Features FPC1035 Sensor

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3 Gets Precise Biometrics Tech

Smartphones Leading Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Market Growth

Huawei Mate 8 Features FPC Sensor

Pepsi Gets Into the Mobile Biometrics Biz

FPC 2016 Revenue Guidance Announcement: Dec. 9


global biometricsGovernments and biometrics converged in the industry headlines last week with news about Gemalto’s role in the biometric registration of voters in Guinea while the Supreme Court of the Philippines heard a challenge to its own upcoming biometric election. Technology from Anviz Global was chosen to protect the Kuwait Embassy in Albania, South Africa announced the implementation of biometric border control in its airports, and we learned that mobile driver licenses are on their way to Australia.

Gemalto Played Integral Role Facilitating Guinea Election

Philippines Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Biometric Requirement for Voters

South Africa to Implement Biometric Screening at Airports

Mobile Licenses Coming to New South Wales

Anviz Tech to Secure Kuwait Embassy in Albania

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement BiometricsBiometrics are on the rise in law enforcement according to a new report from Frost & Sullivan. That observation is readily apparent, we saw last week, with news that the San Diego police have increased their use of biometric technology, including facial recognition on mobile devices.

Biometrics On the Rise Among San Diego Police

Law Enforcement Biometrics Market on the Rise: Report

Security and Time

New Roundup: The Gender of Fingerprints

Suprema once again made the annual top 50 security companies list from A&S International, improving its standing over last year. Equiniti partnered with CSIT last week, intending to investigate new security solutions, with a focus on biometrics. Finally, turning to time and attendance, we reported on Actual iD, which recently co-hosted a webinar on how biometric tracking tech can benefit the workplace.

Equiniti Partners with CSIT to Explore Biometric Security

Suprema Climbs A&S Security Top 50 Rankings

Time Tracking Company, Labor Lawyer Extoll Benefits of Workplace Biometrics


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November 30, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter