News Roundup: Biometrics and The Enterprise of Tomorrow

Last week at FindBiometrics Physical Access & Enterprise Month continued with a look at the hidden benefits of biometrics in the workplace while we prepared for this week’s featured webinar presentation. Behavioral biometrics and financial applications each took the spotlight in the news while the headlines were filled out with national ID, border control, facial recognition, and more.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in identity management:

Physical Access And The Enterprise Of Tomorrow

Only two days remain until the next entry in our renowned webinar series, Biometrics, Physical Access and the Enterprise of Tomorrow (UPDATE 4/20/2016- The full webinar is now available to watch on YouTube). The webcast is part of our month long featured examination of physical access control and enterprise applications, which had us looking at the less obvious ways biometrics can improve the workplace last Wednesday. In the news we saw enterprise solutions integrate Touch ID functionality, looked back on ISC West with BioConnect, and saw Cognitec upgrade its FaceVACS-Entry solution.

Physical Access & Enterprise Month: 3 Hidden Benefits to Biometrics in the Workplace

Kiteworks Enterprise Data Security Platform Supports Touch ID

Airmail Email Client Gets Touch ID Support

BioConnect Highlights ISC West Trends

Cognitec Upgrades FaceVACS-Entry


News Roundup: Biometrics and The Enterprise of Tomorrow

Fingerprint Cards was in the news last week with its biometric sensor featured on the new ivvi i3 handset. The company also announced that it will be presenting its latest interim report, followed by a conference call, on April 28.

ivvi i3 Smartphone Launches With FPC Biometric Sensor

FPC to Present Interim Report April 28th

Behavioral Biometrics

News Roundup: Biometrics and The Enterprise of TomorrowTwo reports had us looking at the future of specific behavioral modalities last week, namely gait and keystroke biometrics. In the meantime we learned about a partnership between Nationwide, BehavioSec, and Unisys that aims to use behavioral biometrics to reduce the logical access headache that is modern password security.

TechNavio Predicts Growth for Keystroke Biometrics

Gait Biometrics Market to Make Strides: Report

BehavioSec, Nationwide, Unisys Team Up on Biometrics

Border Control

News Roundup: Biometrics and The Enterprise of TomorrowLast week we learned that Charles de Gualle Airport in Paris is going to be trialing facial recognition technology for security purposes. Vision-Box was in the news too, with its founders being presented with the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Charles de Gaulle Airport to Trial Facial Recognition System

Vision-Box Founders Win Portuguese EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award


News Roundup: Biometrics and The Enterprise of TomorrowFinTech was a hot area as usual last week with Samsung Pay gaining support from ProPay and itself announcing that it will soon enable in-app purchases. In the meantime, rumblings out of Australia had the Internet speculating as to whether the country’s banks will be finally supporting Apple Pay. Outside of the mobile wallet sphere, a new biometrics initiative in Japan is aiming to combine border control and biometric payments in time for its next Olympics and Atom Bank launched, bringing biometric login features with its digital banking services.

Samsung Pay To Support In-App Purchases

Are Australian Banks Finally Going To Support Apple Pay?

Japan Tourism Project to Swap Credit Cards, Passports for Fingerprints

ProPay Has Announced Samsung Pay Support

Atom Bank Launches Biometric App

National ID

News Roundup: Biometrics and The Enterprise of TomorrowWe reported on the ways Aadhaar is enabling biometric banking in India last week while we learned more details surrounding the Comelec data hack in the Philippines. Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe, we saw a call for biometric payroll distribution on behalf of Prosper Chitambara, a senior economist at the country’s Labour and Economic Development Research Institute.

Aadhaar Finding Impactful Links to Banking

Senior Economist Calls for Zimbabwe Gov’t to Implement Biometric Payroll

Hack Attacks Did Not Breach Biometric Data, Comelec Says

Government, Law Enforcement

News Roundup: Biometrics and The Enterprise of TomorrowMorphoTrust USA scored SAFETY Act certification for two of its flagship solutions last week while Precise Biometrics announced that it has won a contract to provide a Tactivo framework to the US Department of Defense. MorphoTrak made the news too, preparing for its annual Users Conference in Costa Mesa, California, announcing that Jeff Bauman, a key witness in the Boston Marathon bombing, will be presenting a keynote at the event.

Boston Marathon Bombing Witness to be Keynote Speaker at MorphoTrak Event

Precise Biometrics Wins Tactivo Framework Agreement From DLA

MorphoTrust Solutions Get SAFETY Act Approval

Facial Recognition

News Roundup: Biometrics and The Enterprise of TomorrowFacial recognition and privacy were in the news last week with Shutterfly settling an Illinois lawsuit and also a Russian photographer highlighting the ease in which one can uncover personal details of strangers by using a face recognition and the social network VKontakte. It wasn’t all controversy though. Last week we got a look at how facial recognition can be applied to drones for optimal selfie taking.

App Can Track Down Faces on Russian Social Network

Shutterfly Settles Biometrics Privacy Case

Drone Uses Facial Recognition For Optimal Selfies


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April 18, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter