News Roundup: Controversy Abound

Last week at FindBiometrics, as we continued our featured examination of biometrics in healthcare, we reported on a number of controversies. Banking solutions also made headlines as mobility and fingerprint biometrics solutions made up the majority of the week’s news.

Here is a look back on the week that was in identity management:


speech and voiceLast week’s next gen commerce news was focused on banking, with two major headlines detailing how strong authentication is changing our relationship with money and security. Eastern Bank has done away with security questions for call center operations, opting to use voice biometrics from Nuance to passively authenticate callers. Citibank, meanwhile, has been awarded a patent for trusted device authentication.

Nuance Brings Voice Recognition to Eastern Bank Callers

Citibank Patent a Step Forward Into Passwordless Security

Mobile Biometrics

IMG_7446-1300x866The recent reports of mobile biometric proliferation have been receiving constant corroboration all year, and last week was no different. The world’s first iris-scanning smartphone was launched in Japan, Huawei started focusing on biometrics in the marketing for its upcoming handset, and Amazon patented a type of ear-based authentication. Mobility doesn’t always necessarily equate to smartphones, however, and this week we saw Fujitsu launch a new, super portable palm vein scanner that can connect to any USB device.

Iris-Scanning Smartphone Debuts in Japan

Ear-Based Authentication System Patented by Amazon

Huawei Honor 7 Marketing Focuses on Fingerprints

Fujitsu Launches Highly Portable Palm Vein Scanner

Over a Billion Biometric Mobile Devices To Ship in 2021

Border Control

Biometric Border ControlIn border control news last week we learned of plans to bring Morpho (Safran) eGates to Marseille Provence Airport. The biometric screening solution being tested by Dulles International Airport exited its trial phase last week too, while we received an update from Acuity Market Intelligence regarding the automated passport control kiosk market (hint: things are going very well).

New Morpho eGates Coming to Marseille Provence Airport

Testing Phase for Dulles Biometric Screening Concludes

Business is Booming in the APC Kiosk Market: Acuity

Facial Recognition

Facial BiometricsControversy was the name of the game in facial recognition news this week, with the collapse of a US biometrics standards group over privacy concerns. Facebook, aware that the use of facial recognition still controversial in many parts of the world, has decided to keep its new Moments app – which relies on it’s DeepFace tech – out of Europe.

It wasn’t all gloom this week in facial recognition though: Securus Technologies received patent approval for a new facial recognition system designed to authenticate the identities of participants in video visitations in correctional facilities.

Facial Recognition in Video Visitations Patent Gets Approval

Facebook Keeps New Facial Recognition App Out of Europe

Privacy Concerns Derail Biometrics Standards Group


Finger scanner iconsIt feels like it’s been a long time since fingerprint biometrics were the center of any controversy, but last week we were reminded of the AuthenTec insider trading scandal from a few years ago. A settlement has been reached on that front, leaving the rest of the fingerprint biometrics news to be wholly positive. Fingerprint Cards updated its revenue predictions after receiving a major sensor order, Crossmatch U.are.U readers received deployment at a sandwich chain, and a fingerprint-based door lock began being promoted on Kickstarter. Anviz Global introduced its newest product, the C2 Pro, and Precise Biometrics celebrated a new integration on a China-made smartphone.

FPC Upgrades Revenue Predictions, Announces New Order

Fingerprint Scanning Door Lock Marketed Via Kickstarter

Settlement Reached Over AuthenTec Insider Trading

Precise Biometrics Celebrates Elife E8 Integration

C2 Pro Scans Fingerprints in Half a Second

Togo’s Eateries Ditch Passwords For Crossmatch Biometrics


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June 22, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter