News Roundup: Brainwave Biometrics

Last week at FindBiometrics Physical Access & Enterprise Month culminated in an exclusive webinar event, Biometrics, Access Control and the Enterprise of Tomorrow. Meanwhile, the industry news featured stories on brainwave biometrics, the Comelec hacks in the Philippines, fingerprint recognition solutions, and more.

Here’s a look back on the tops stories in identity management from the week that was.

Physical Access Control and the Enterprise of Tomorrow

We are now entering our final week of Physical Access & Enterprise Month. Last week we featured our exclusive expert webinar on the topic, Biometrics, Access Control and the Enterprise of Tomorrow, and also took a look at the many biometric modalities that are ready for deployment in the workplace. In the industry news we saw physical access control colliding once again with sports thanks to the deployment of CLEAR eGates at Miami Marlins Park, bringing biometric efficiency to the stadium.

Physical Access & Enterprise Month: Truly Diverse Security

WEBINAR: Biometrics, Access Control and the Enterprise of Tomorrow

Marlins Park Gets CLEAR Biometric Express Lanes

Behavior and Brainwave Biometrics

News Roundup: Brainwave BiometricsBinghamton University researchers announced last week that they have developed a brainwave authentication solution that they claim is 100 percent accurate. In behavioral biometrics news, meanwhile, we saw BioCatch and NuData each make major appointments, the former company notably naming its new CEO.

NuData Appoints New Business Development VP

Researchers Announce 100 Percent-Accurate Brainwave Authentication System

BioCatch Appoints Growth-Focused CEO

Border Control

News Roundup: Brainwave BiometricsVision-Box’s automated border control solution has been deployed in Curaçao, we reported last week. Morpho (Safran) was in the border control headlines too, with VP of Strategy and Market Development Luc Tombal highlighting the key role that multimodal biometrics will play in the vertical market.

Multimodal Biometric Security is the Future of Border Control: Morpho

Curaçao Airport Deploys Vision-Box ABC Solution

Voting and Citizen ID

News Roundup: Brainwave BiometricsIn the wake of the high profile hack attacks that it suffered recently, Comelec was at work last week mitigating the public’s reaction to said event. In Bangladesh, State Minister for Telecom Tarana Halim set a May 1 deadline for biometric SIM registration, while in India a new plan is being implemented to biometrically authenticate students who are using hostels in order to cut down on unlawful lodgers.

Comelec Works to Assuage Public Alarm Over Biometrics, Hack Attacks

Bangladesh’s Unregistered Mobile Users Face May 1st Disconnection

Indian Student Hostels Ordered to Implement Biometric Authentication


News Roundup: Brainwave BiometricsApple Pay launched in Singapore last week and Samsung Pay isn’t far behind. The latter of the major mobile wallets scored more bank support in the US too, with TD Bank and Regions Bank coming aboard the mCommerce platform. Ping An announced an in-house facial recognition solution aimed at making loan applications easier and more accountable, and we learned more information about Japan’s experimental fingerprint payment system for tourists, dubbed the Omotenashi Platform.

Samsung Pay To Launch in Singapore

New Details Emerge on Japan’s Biometric Tourism Plan

Apple Pay Launches in Singapore

TD Bank, Regions Bank Support Samsung Pay in US

Ping An Announces Facial Recognition-Based Loan System


News Roundup: Brainwave BiometricsFingerprints were all over the industry news last week, as usual. Fingerprint Cards gave details on proposed changes to its board of directors and also announced multiple smartphone integrations for its sensors. We got a look at a patent application from Microsoft describing a new way to integrate fingerprint biometrics into laptops too, and BIO-key International announced a new partnership with Morocco-based Arthur & Co. In the verticals, we saw fingerprints in a law enforcement capacity in Tamil Nadu, and Imprivata launched its electronic prescription solution— which leverages the modality—in the UK.

All of that and more made fingerprint biometrics a major force in the news last week. Take a look:

Fingerprint Sensors Improve Mobile User Satisfaction

Tamil Nadu Police to Get Improved Fingerprint Matching Capability

FPC Details Proposed Changes to Board Leadership

ZUK Z2 Pro Features FPC1155 Biometric Sensor

Microsoft Patent Application Describes Biometric Pointing Stick

ZTE V7 Max Features FPC, Precise Biometrics Tech

Apple is Balancing Security With Convenience

Integrated Biometrics Shares Packed Event Schedule

BIO-key Pursues Opportunities in MENA with New Partnership

Imprivata Launches EPCS Platform in UK

Facial Recognition

facial recognition, face, featureFacial recognition made the news too last week, with Uber aiming to implement the modality as an authentication solution for its drivers in China. The contactless biometric type was in Internet of Things news too, with NEC Corporation of America announcing that it will be demonstrating its face recognition IoT solutions at this week’s Hannover Messe 2016.

Uber to Implement Facial Recognition for Driver Authentication in China

NEC to Showcase Azure-Enabled IoT Tech at Hannover Messe 2016


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April 25, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter