News Roundup: Balancing Convenience and Security

This past week at FindBiometrics we continued Physical Access Month with an exclusive webinar event: “Balancing Convenience and Security in Biometric Access Control”. Meanwhile, in the industry news section, controversy made the headlines as did plenty of encouraging news regarding the biometric markets.

Here are the top stories of the past week:

Physical Access Month

News Roundup: Balancing Convenience and SecurityAs mentioned above, this week’s big event was the Physical Access Month webinar, with guest panelists Gary Jones, Director of Biometric Access and Time Solutions Business Unit – MorphoTrak (Safran), and Mark Clifton,  President of the Products and Solutions Division – SRI International. The topics discussed stretched into the week’s physical access news, with a new report surfacing in regard to the Saudi Arabia access control market, a new deployment of physical security by a bank, and an award from SIA.

Webinar: Balancing Convenience and Security in Biometric Access Control

SIA Awards Zwipe

Dubai Islamic Bank Orders Biometric Vaults

Gov’t Interest Drives Saudi Arabia Access Control Market

Controversy and Debate

get-moving-nyc-800x533As biometric technologies continue to become a bigger part of everyday life they will inevitably encounter growing pains. In Australia, said friction continues to thrive around the nation’s biometric border control initiatives, while on an international level, Samsung is investigating claims that the fingerprint security on pre-Android 5.0 devices can be circumvented by hackers, who can then clone the biometric data.

Samsung Investigating Fingerprint Cloning Claims

Debate Continues Over Biometric Border Security in Australia

Excitement and Success

unsplash_525f012329589_1As much as the controversy above might be disheartening for proponents of biometric security, the positive news far outweighed the negative this week. NEXT Biometrics announced two major sensor orders, one serving the smart home market; Daon released an update on the success of multi-factor biometric security in USAA’s banking app; and two market research reports were released regarding the most popular biometric modalities.

Fingerprints Will Continue to be Government Favorite

Report: Face and Voice Biometrics Are Top Modalities

Daon Highlights Success of Biometrics in USAA Mobile App

NEXT Biometrics Receives 34,000-Sensor Order

NEXT Receives Sensor Order from Smart Home Sector

Diversity and Innovation

Multifactor BiometricsIn this week’s webinar we spoke about the diversity in biometric access control solutions. The physical access control area of applocationis an excellent example of the diversity of biometric modalities, and how strong authentication solutions are versatile by nature. The industry news also served as a reminder of said versatility this week, with voice, finger, face, iris, multi-factor and behavioral biometrics making headlines.

AGNITiO Bringing Voice Biometrics To Upcoming Events

NuDetect Early Warning System Catches Fraudsters Sooner

New Iris Scanning System Can Authenticate At 40 Feet

Swedish Healthcare Prescription System Approves Tactivo

Biometric System to Track Teacher Attendance in India

IdentoGO Hosts Open House Party for TSA PreCheck


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April 25, 2015 by Peter B. Counter