News Roundup: Accomplishment and Innovation

This past week at FindBiometrics the news was filled with accomplishments and endorsements. Expansions and contracts also made headlines, rounding out a week that saw an number of research reports and Q1 fiscal updates.

Here is a look at the top identity management stories from the week that was.

Mobility and Authentication

News Roundup: Accomplishment and InnovationThe two most popular smartphone brands, Apple and Samsung, will each be seeing improved fingerprint biometrics on flagship handsets. Rumors concerning the upcoming iPhone 6S are leading experts to expect a long awaited improvement in Touch ID security, while Samsung will be bolstering its biometric authentication on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge with a software upgrade. Fingerprints aren’t the only mobile modality, of course, and this week we reported on VoiceVault’s ViGo solution being integrated into the SayPay mPayment platform.

Samsung Improves Galaxy S6 Biometrics With Software

VoiceVault Biometrics to Protect Payments

More Advanced Biometrics Tech Coming With iPhone 6S

Markets and Research

Government Adoption Named Key Driver in Latin American Biometrics MarketTractica stayed prominent in the news this week with a new report on the global biometrics market through 2024 and the launch of its Biometrics Advisory Service. Moving to a more narrow market perspective, a new report on the facial recognition market paints a solid picture for that modality in security and marketing verticals.

Solid Growth Predicted for Facial Recognition Market

Global Biometrics Market to Hit Almost $15 Billion by 2024

Market Research Firm Announces Biometrics Advisory Service

Accomplishment and Innovation

Multifactor BiometricsThe past week saw a cane for the blind that uses facial recognition to help users spot familiar people and Sensory’s newest speech recognition technology used by a soon to be demoed social robot from Jibo. SecuGen’s new durable and portable USB fingerprint scanner received FBI certification, and FST Biometrics received backing from a former prime minister of Israel.

Finally, rounding out the innovations and endorsements, Microsoft praised NEXT Biometrics, Gartner officially called NuData a cool vendor, and the team responsible for the FBI’s NGI program received the Excellence in Mission Award at AFCEA Bethesda’s 8th Annual Governmentwide Initiatives Excellence Awards.

Portable, Rugged Fingerprint Reader is FBI-Certified

NuData Named Cool Vendor in Cloud Security

Team Behind Huge FBI Biometric System Honored

Sensory Unveils TrulyNatural, To Be Used By Robot

Microsoft Managers Laud NEXT Biometrics

GMF Capital, Former PM Back FST Biometrics

Face Biometrics Can Help the Blind Spot Friends

Quarters and Figures

electronic moneyNow firmly in Q2 of 2015, we’re starting to see how the first quarter faired for biometrics companies. This past week saw updates from BIO-key International, ImageWare Systems and Precise Biometrics.

BIO-key Aims High for End of Year

ImageWare Continues Through Transition Period

Precise Biometrics Enters New License Agreement

Contracts and Orders

Biometric CommerceSpeaking of Precise Biometrics, the company received two major orders for its Tactivo smart sleeves this week, while Fingerprint Cards AB announced an absolutely massive fingerprint sensor order. Northrop Grumman was awarded a major contract by the UK Home Office this week, too. MorphoTrust, meanwhile, expanded its IdentoGO services in the state of Texas.

FPC Scores Massive Sensor Order Worth 235 MSEK

Precise Biometrics Receives Additional DoD Order

UK Home Office Awards Northrop Grumman Major Contract

MorphoTrust Expands IdentoGO Services in Texas

NHS Foundation Trust Orders Tactivo Readers


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May 15, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter