New Partnership Unites Voice Biometrics and Phone Forensics

A new partnership between Nuance Communications and TRUSTID  aims to combine voice biometrics and telephone network forensics to combat call center fraud and shorten call times.

“Criminals are able to collect a treasure-trove of personal information from a range of public sources and, as a result, are often better at answering identity interrogation questions than the legitimate customers they are defrauding,” explains TRUSTID CEO Patrick Cox.

Through this new partnership, the involved parties intend to market their individual solutions as a two factor fix to this conundrum. Nuance’s voice biometrics get rid of the security questions all together, providing the ability to authenticate a caller by the unique qualities of her voice. TRUSTID uses real-time forensics to identify calls that are spoofed, hacked or compromised in some other way.

When combined, a call center representative has assurance that a caller is who she says she is and that nothing shady is happening on the line.

The result? Cox continues: “Combining Nuance Voice Biometrics with TRUSTID call validation before the call is answered, dramatically improves security and convenience and, in turn, customer satisfaction.”

Robert Weideman, executive vice president and general manager for the Enterprise Division of Nuance adds, “Fraud is a consistent challenge for contact centers, one that has persisted for decades because countermeasures have largely relied on what the contact center knows about you. Our partnership with TRUSTID allows Nuance to provide an end-to-end solution for authentication and fraud detection – from the point a call is placed through to when the person speaks to the contact center agent.”

This kind of automated fraud detection also helps save on call time. Without the inconvenient security process, there’s more time to be spent on the actual purpose of the call, serving the customer and inevitably cutting down the wait time of other callers on hold.

Nuance’s voice biometrics were recently deployed in Mexico for purposes of authentication in phone banking. Thanks to an active form of voice biometrics, when Banco Santander México customers call in to the IVR system in order to manage finances over the phone, they will be prompted to say the phrase, “At Banco Santander, my voice is my password.” This will provide enough biometric data for Nuance’s software to authenticate the caller, saving time on both ends of the call, eliminating the need to use easily compromised PINs or inconvenient security questions.

July 14, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter