New Partnership to Bring Facial Recognition to Police Car Dash Cams

A new partnership will bring live facial recognition to police car cameras.

New Partnership to Bring Facial Recognition to Police Car Dash CamsCOBAN Technologies, a provider of in-car and body cameras for law enforcement, will integrate Digital Barriers’ biometric technology into its FOCUS H1 dash cam solution.

Digital Barriers’ SmartVis technology will enable on-the-fly facial recognition through the dashboard camera feeds, allowing for the immediate and automated identification of known criminals and persons of interest. Meanwhile, Digital Barriers’ EdgeVis streaming technology will allow authorized remote administrators such as command officers to view the footage.

News of the collaboration comes after Digital Barriers offered its facial recognition technology to police and government authorities searching for missing persons, gratis, this past summer. In a statement announcing the new partnership, Digital Barriers said that its technology has already “been deployed successfully by law enforcement agencies in more than fifty countries around the world in other form factors”, but this will be its first dashboard camera deployment.

There appears to be strong interest in such applications of biometric technology, with South Wales Police having equipped police vehicles with facial recognition technology provided by NEC. Digital Barriers says its technology will be deployed on COBAN’s FOCUS H1 sometime next year.

October 30, 2017 – by Alex Perala