New IriTech System: Two Modalities in One Camera Sensor

New IriTech System: Two Modalities in One Camera SensorIriTech is going to showcase a new biometric system at Interpol World 2015 in Singapore, the company has announced. While the company specializes in iris recognition technology, its new Gemini Camera system uses both iris and face recognition modalities.

First unveiled last month at the connect:ID conference in Washington, the Gemini Camera system is capable of scanning both faces and irises using a single camera sensor. Using only one camera for both modalities helps to keep the costs down, and yet the company asserts that the system “significantly reduces the time lag of iris recognition, which usually is caused by re-shoots of uneducated users.” Moreover, the Gemini Camera system uses ‘side-gazing technology’, allowing it to capture an iris even from a glance.

Moving into a multimodal system is a smart innovation on IriTech’s part. While there’s a great deal of market interest in iris recognition technology, concerns have arisen over this modality’s vulnerability to fraud, with some claiming that it isn’t too hard to spoof iris biometrics. While there are biometrics companies developing even more sophisticated eye-scanning systems, simply incorporating iris recognition into a multimodal system is a very straightforward and effective means of greatly improving accuracy in identification and authentication. And having the whole system work fast and on the cheap is always a great bonus too.

April 10, 2015 – by Alex Perala