New Distribution Partner Stokes Excitement Over SmartMetric Biometric Card

New Distribution Partner Stokes Excitement Over SmartMetric Biometric CardA new partnership is helping to drum up interest in SmartMetric’s biometric card solution, with the company announcing that Grupo Datco has won a contract with an academic institution that will use the card as an access control solution on campus.

In a statement, SmartMetric did not name its new client, referring to it only as a “large University”. SmartMetric CEO Chaya Hendrick explained that the university has agreed to “have its campus used as a demonstration installation”, allowing others in the business and government sectors to see the biometric card in action. The deal comes very soon after Grupo Datco signed as a distribution partner for SmartMetric earlier this month, a partnership established after Hogier Gartner CIA and Protec Secure Card signed on as partners earlier in the year.

SmartMetric’s biometric card solution features an embedded fingerprint sensor for user authentication, and is compatible with RFID MiFare and “standard desktop smart card readers”. The card can also be used for authentication in itself, featuring a built-in LED system that flashes green after the authorized user scans their fingerprint, and red if the user’s biometric data doesn’t match the profile stored on the card.

SmartMetric says that since it showcased its solution at the Connect:ID conference in Washington this month it has seen a “great deal of interest” in the solution, with Hendrick adding that SmartMetric’s leadership is excited about the partnership with Argentina-based Grupo Datco as it is “a major company in the security integration industry in South America” and that SmartMetric is therefore “confident that sales will follow” in the region.

May 29, 2018 – by Alex Perala