New CTO Appointment Enhances Hoyos Labs’ R&D Focus

Hoyos Labs has appointed a new Chief Technology Officer. Dr. John Callahan has taken on the role as the biometrics company continues to develop security solutions for the enterprise.

New CTO Appointment Enhances Hoyos Labs' R&D FocusWith an academic background including a stint as Research Director of NASA’s Independent Verification and Validation Facility, Dr. Callahan brings a strong level of expertise to the role. He also previously held a CTO position with BDMetrics, and has also served as Associate Director for Information Dominance with a research arm of the US Navy. As such, he should be able to enhance the R&D-focused, clinical approach that Hoyos Labs has taken to the field, exemplified by the company’s recent agreement to work with NIST to establish contactless fingerprint scanning testing standards.

In a statement announcing his appointment, the company indicated that he would lead a team of engineers and researchers across Europe and North America. For his part, Dr. Callahan suggested that Hoyos Labs’ biometric solutions could prove particularly valuable to enterprises in the financial services and healthcare sectors, and said the company would aim to deliver “high-quality products with clear, open standards to ensure deployment goes as smoothly as possible.”

June 30, 2016 – by Alex Perala