New Biometric Software Bringing Ear Recognition To Smartphones

A new partnership between Siam Smartphone and Descartes Biometrics is promising a new mobile strong authentication solution: ear recognition.

Called ERGO, the ear biometric authentication technology that serves the usual post-password demands that are finding traction in the world of consumer mobile devices. The novel biometric technology guards the lock screen of Android smartphones and is available as a software development kit (SDK).

ERGO is a software solution that leverages a smartphone’s touchscreen as a biometric sensor. A user presses her ear to the screen in order to authenticate. It’s a simple and familiar motion that – if coupled with a virtual assistant – has potential appeal for people who primarily use their phones in a traditional “phone call” context.

Though the new biometric mode may seem gimmicky to some, ERGO is indicative of the relationship the partners wish to pursue: one that encourages open-mindedness and experimentation for the purposes of innovation.

“Descartes is continually exploring the limits of mobile applications,” explains Siam Smartphone CEO Darius Allen. “That kind of innovation is the exact kind of ‘thinking’ that needs to start leading in this space. We expect most Siam Users to be able to use ERGO to setup their biometric security within a few moments.”

“We are excited to work with Siam, especially as they launch a new and incredibly innovative product,” adds Miceahel Boczek, CEO of Descartes. “Biometric lock-screen applications offer unparalleled levels of device security without compromising convenience – it’s really at the forefront of mobile device security. Descartes Biometrics sees a world free of PINs and Passwords and a world where your identity is your key.”

Trying this in to Biometric Software Month, ERGO is an excellent example of the mutability that software solutions can boast. Despite the uniqueness of the feature being measured for authentication, a smartphone simply needs to have the right software, not some new-fangled ear scanner. The application is available for download on Google Play and Amazon, and it will be a key feature on the Siam Smartphone, a dual screen mobile which is scheduled to launch in the US this summer.