New BioCatch Features Tell Users How a Risk Score is Calculated

Biometrics News - New BioCatch Features Tell Users How a Risk Score is Calculated

BioCatch has added a slew of new features to its flagship behavioral biometrics platform. The new Policy Manager will help companies craft policy guidelines for specific situations, while the Case Manager will help security professionals investigate individual cases that require further review.   

The company will also be providing customers with much greater insight into the Risk Scores generated by the platform. The program will break each Score into nearly 100 different contributing factors, telling users exactly which factors suggested a transaction was fraudulent and which ones suggest it was legitimate. The reports can be viewed in the BioCatch Analyst Station, and will detail the relative strength of each factor in the calculation of the final score.  

The Risk Score breakdown will include additional markers that point to the presence of a bot or a malware attack to give customers an even better view of the BioCatch process.  

“BioCatch has extended its platform by integrating additional elements required to understand and manage behavioral risk,” explained Aite Group Research Director Julie Conroy. “These added capabilities should further enhance our firms’ ability to detect fraud while not inserting unnecessary friction into the customer experience.”

The new features are in keeping with BioCatch’s efforts to educate users about the utility of behavioral biometrics. The company has consistently explained how the technology can stop more complex forms of fraud, and has encouraged the US government to adapt a more dynamic definition of identity that reflects unique behavioral traits.

September 25, 2019 – by Eric Weiss