New AGNITiO Tech Can Authenticate Via Natural Speech

AGNITiO_NewVoice biometrics developer AGNITiO has announced a new offering at this year’s CES, dubbed KIVOX Mobile 5.0. It’s an expansion of the company’s Voice iD product line.
The new product uses the company’s Voice iD Engine for voice authentication via both fixed phrase and natural speech, and is being positioned as an ideal component in the growing Internet of Things. Speaking in a press release, AGNITiO CEO Emilio Martinez asserted that in using the technology to control “a variety of smart devices and directing the Internet of Things, speakers may speak freely in any language and be automatically recognized to unlock devices, control personalized functions, and perform secure transactions.”
The company says the product is particularly well-suited for mobile, healthcare, automotive, and IoT applications.
A co-founding member of the nonprofit FIDO Alliance, AGNITiO has long stressed the importance of high levels of security, and a few months ago, at the Money20/20 conference, was pitching its product offerings to the financial services industry – a sector that appears to be particularly interested in voice authentication technology. Pivoting now to IoT applications is a smart expansion of services, recognizing the excitement and growth in this new area of digital connectivity.
(Source: Mobile ID World)