Neurotechnology Significantly Improves Biometric Algorithm For Product Line Upgrade

March 17, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

Today, biometric identification solutions provider Neurotechnology announced that its entire line of software development kits (SDKs) have undergone updates and are now available for purchase. With convenience and performance in mind, the newest generation of Neurotechnology products feature what the company is calling a significantly improved algorithm, as well as a new API designed to make integration of many modes of biometrics quick and easy.

The upgrades cover a large swath of Neurotechnology’s product line, serving a wide variety of modalities and applications. Small access control deployments to large scale national level projects that require speed to process large populations.

Among the updated products are VeriFinger 7.0, VeriLook 5.5, VeriEye 2.8, VeriSpeak 2.1 and the multi-biometric MegaMatcher family of solutions.

“Our focus has always been on the creation of more powerful biometric algorithms, and we have continued that tradition with major enhancements across these new product versions,” says Irmantas Naujikas, the company’s director of business development. “Also, project implementation periods are often critically short, so we restructured the API to make it more intuitive, enabling developers to integrate multiple biometric technologies into their projects in a much shorter period of time. We included more simplified samples and tutorials to make the integration process easier.”

Behind the upgrade is what Neurotechnology identifies as a growing demand for large scale and flexible biometric deployments. Its MegaMatcher 5.0 (a multi-biometric SDK for large scale applications) is a specific focus of today’s announcement. When coupled with the MegaMatcher Accelerator 7.0,  the company claims matching speeds of up to 100 million fingerprints or 200 million irises per second on a single hardware server, which will make for a great boon in national ID, voter registration and border control all across the globe.