Neurotechnology Releases Updated Biometric Time and Attendance Software

In the workplace biometrics can offer a great number of benefits. Logical and physical access control is often the more obvious application that comes to mind, but biometric technology can also go a long way in keeping track of employee attendance records. Where punch cards and PINs can be abused, forgotten or lost, biometric time and attendance solutions are fast, efficient and offer a high level of assurance.

Biometric Software

NCheck Bio Attendance 2.1 is a biometric software solution. To learn more about biometric software, read the FindBiometrics primer.

Today, biometric identity technology provider Neurotechnology announced the release of the newest version if its time and attendance software: NCheck Bio Attendance 2.1. The solution uses fingerprint and face biometrics to track employee work hours.

NCheck Bio attendance 2.1 distinguishes itself by keeping the hardware options open for customers. The software can be installed on Windows PCs and Android devices. Each access point can be connected to work in a single attendance system, allowing for flexibility across a wide range of deployments. Because there is a mobile factor that can be used – thanks the the Android compatibility – NCheck Bio Attendance can be deployed in areas not normally associated with biometric punch-in like concerts or events.

Vaidas Didvalis, Neurotechnology’s NCheck project manager, says, “In this NCheck update we focused on expanding NCheck usability features. I believe that Android OS support for NCheck enables the creation of more flexible and convenient time and attendance systems.”

In addition to the two biometric modes and Android device support, the newest version of the Neurotechnology software also allows for custom reporting (so that it can integrate into existing payroll systems) and a web user interface. This second feature enables reports to be viewed through a web browser.

Neurotechnology is currently offering a 30 day free trial of its newest NCheck software through its website.

August 18, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter