NEC’s NeoFace Gets Frost & Sullivan Award

Growth strategy firm Frost & Sullivan has awarded NEC Corporation of America with its 2016 North American Face Recognition Technology for Government and Public Sectors Company of the Year Award.

NEC's NeoFace Gets Frost & Sullivan AwardThe award is being given in recognition of NEC’s NeoFace platform. In a statement, Frost & Sullivan called the platform “a testament to [NEC’s] deep technological expertise and understanding of customer needs, as it maximizes output according to the operational needs of diverse projects and use cases.” And indeed, NeoFace has been put forward for a wide range of applications, from vetting driver license applicants at the Arizona Department of Transportation to helping to screen air travel passengers for the US Customs and Border Protection agency. The technology is also being used in a smart signage system that NEC has been promoting to the retail sector.

In offering the award, Frost & Sullivan also highlighted the technology’s accuracy and speed, with Senior Research Analyst Nandini Bhattacharya attesting that “NEC has increased the speed of match processing in data bases to up to 3.02 million images every second,” which “is almost twice the average processing speed of its competitors.”

Meanwhile NeoFace offers “28% greater accuracy than the industry average,” notes Bhattacharya.

The technology was also recently recognized with an award from the Australian Information Industry Association for a deployment with that country’s Northern Territory Police Force.

September 26, 2013 – by Alex Perala