NEC Corporation of America Announces New CEO, US Expansion

NEC Corporation of America has a new CEO, and is expanding its presence in the country.

NEC Corporation of America Announces New CEO, US ExpansionMasahiro (or ‘Mark’) Ikeno previously headed NEC’s EMEA division, but he attained a wealth of experience in the US prior to that. From 1994 to 2002, he was the Director of Business Planning for NECAM’s Server Division, and before he became the EMEA CEO, he was the General Manager of both the Americas and EMEA divisions.

In a statement announcing his appointment to the head of NECAM, Ikeno suggested that his aim will be to capitalize on NEC’s “advanced AI and IoT assets, including biometrics and recognition systems,” as well as the company’s solutions for the retail, enterprise, and data center and networking sectors.

It seems that the company will have a renewed focus on the government sector, as well, with a separate NECAM announcement indicating that the company is expanding its Washington, DC, offices “to include a new government relations function.” The company indicated that this effort will explore government demand for border control and counter-terrorism solutions, with NEC’s NeoFace facial recognition technology already being used in the Department of Homeland Security’s Biometric Exit trials.

And this new branch of the company will be headed by NECAM’s former boss – who Ikeno has replaced – Shinsuke Takahashi, who is also taking on a new role as NECAM’s Chairman of the Board. In Washington, Takahashi will serve as NECAM’s Head of Government Relations, and the company says his mandate will be to not only strengthen ties with the US government, but to develop relationships with the United Nations, the International Development Bank, and the World Bank.

November 13th, 2017 – by Alex Perala