NEC to Showcase Smart City Data Security at GovWare Conference

NEC to Showcase Smart City Data Security at GovWare ConferenceNEC is planning to promote a new data protection solution at this week’s GovernmentWare (GovWare) conference in Singapore, the company has announced.

NEC is promoting it as a smart cities solution, offering particular value to municipal governments seeking to store data virtually. In a press release, NEC explained that its new technology concept is designed to secure sensitive data “over heterogeneous cloud domains using silicon-based biometrics.” The company provided no further details, but that description hints at a security solution using biometric authentication to regulate access to compartmentalized chunks of data; NEC says it’s “set to be a game-changer for organizations that place high priority on identity management and authentication.”

The company is likely to find an attentive audience, given its prominence in government security solutions and the emerging smart cities market in particular; this spring, NEC was contracted to provide a crowd analytics surveillance system for a busy district in Tokyo, for example.

NEC will also be showcasing its Cyber Security Factory, an IT surveillance service, as well as its NeoFace Reveal face recognition technology, which has also proven popular among government clients.


October 5, 2015 – by  Alex Perala