NEC, NT Police Recognized for Biometric Criminal Identification System

NEC Australia and the country’s Northern Territory Police Force have received the Infrastructure & Platforms Innovation of the Year iAward. Part of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) 2016 iAwards, the honor was bestowed in recognition of the organizations’ deployment of a facial recognition system for the identification of criminals.NEC, NT Police Recognized for Biometric Criminal Identification System

The system was put into place last year, and allows police to identify criminals in police custody in less than 10 seconds, the organizations say. With NEC’s NeoFace technology at its root, the system can scan through a wealth of images from phones, CCTV feeds, and so on, using biometric algorithm software to match the faces of any recorded criminals. The organizations say it has saved police about 1800 hours of administrative work, freeing officers to refocus their resources on more important matters.

In a statement acknowledging the award, NEC Australia COO Mike Barber said the system was “the result of an intense collaborative effort between NEC and the Northern Territory Police,” adding, “it’s very gratifying for this innovative platform to be recognized by the AIIA iAwards.”

The South Australia Police recently contracted NEC to adapt its NeoFace technology to a similar project, and while the company has a strong track record in such applications as it is, this latest honor should help to further boost the confidence of the authorities concerned.

September 2, 2016 – by Alex Perala