NEC Releases New NeoFace Update

NEC Releases New NeoFace UpdateNEC Corporation of America has upgraded flagship facial recognition technology. Released yesterday, the latest iteration of its NeoFace algorithm boasts of a number of improvements revolving around accuracy.

In a press release, the company highlighted the improvements its new system has demonstrated in the latest round of testing with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Perhaps the most salient upgrade is in its overall accuracy, which has seen a jump of 28 percent. The system also demonstrates a lower authentication error rate with respect to one-to-one matching tests, having seen a 2/3 reduction. And it still fares well against the competition: The next highest performing system experienced eight times as many errors; and NEC’s algorithms were the fastest of any of the competitors.

Speaking in that same statement, NEC Biometrics Solutions Division VP Raffie Beroukhim asserted, “With this release NEC remains committed to being the top biometrics solution provider for public safety and commercial applications, and is driven to deliver continued advances in facial recognition to our customers.”

The company’s high standards with respect to its technology have paid off in a number of ways in recent months, with NEC winning contracts to provide a CCTV facial recognition system to police in Surat, India, as well as a behavioral biometrics crowd-monitoring system in a busy Tokyo district. Its focus on quality has also helped NEC to become widely recognized as a market leader in the overall biometric security industry.

August 4, 2015 – by Alex Perala